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REVIEW three is my living area, divided into a kitchen, dining room, laundry area, cool clothing area, there are new for 8-10 people dining table, a fully automatic washing machine and a full set of cutlery bring my own. I was moved, this is the sixth time since I came to this city move.Although there are people move to live trees die, but such a move is not always a way, I hope this can be stable for some time.Location of the new home should be counted as joint urban and rural areas, but not very far away from the unit, I had the car amount, approximately five kilometers, this distance is familiar to me, and the army is often used as the distance standard training assessment, morning exercises, armed cross country, orienteering…..Many are the subjects of this distance, then this distance did not even take it to heart too.Now, will not test the filter, and major weight gain too much, estimate, if the daily walk takes about an hour, I’m afraid not to work on time and affect the work.Now the conflict is to have the body can not drive to work every day, while walking to work will not keep up with the times, compromise and only ride a bike.This new home is a friend of a friend got married with a new house.Hinako this district called Dayang Village, all composed of three-story high.My landlord is the original in our unit open tanker drivers, before I had gone to the unit, this house is a new house when he got married, and now because the children to kindergarten, a family of three moved to live near the nursery to go , ranging all the furniture in the room, did not move, before I came to the house has been empty for several months, because it is newly renovated, is fully furnished, this does not intend to rent, because of his buddies my good friend, the original in our company’s tanker drivers have repeatedly touted to me, and because I am honest face, resembles a monk, put the house to me at a very low price, in essence, is to find a reliable person something to help take care of the house.New home construction and household items are very good.Home down three, one being a utility room, you can put shoe, bicycle; floor living room, bedroom, bathroom.Living room 60 flat, there is a full range of popular Teng chairs, coffee table, stereo, in order to facilitate the work, I moved into a stage boss, a boss chairs, a fountain, a laptop with a wireless card, in addition, I put the landlord in the yard of three cycads were trimmed in the living room near the window side, a friend came to me that you are here Doukua area facing a bit like the Great Hall of Hu Jintao met with the heads of state drawing room.The bedroom is a brand new Simmons bed, air conditioning, TV cabinets, bedside cabinets readily available, in order to understand current events, watch TV programs on the stock market, I bought a new television and a TV with satellite dish, you can watch more than forty day channels, said there are several all-foreign language, it did not understand, I really do not blame yourself go to school to learn a foreign language.Solar water heater in the bathroom whenever hot water is open all year round face, brush your teeth, take a shower worry.Three is my living area, divided into a kitchen, dining room, laundry area, cool clothing area, dining table for 8-10 people dining at the new, fully automatic washing machine and I have to bring their own full set of cutlery.By the way, there is also a landlord invited for the Buddha, I am also able to see the Buddha fate, sometimes a few sticks of incense and Buddha chats.With a new home so I began to consider a new life.A people separated by thousands of miles away from home, life will inevitably dry boring, need to find a spiritual sustenance, so I chose the stock market.After into a new home, my career and stocks should have a new development.Today burn incense to Buddha suddenly had inspiration, my new home should take a good Hinako, and then as my new life begins today.So to my new home named called “shortwave 88 Cyberspace”.88 refers to the short-wave radio band is not, this should be unbundled explain: short refers to the short-term, of course, but also refers to stocks in order to make short-term or ultra short-term oriented; wave band refers to good or better theme stocks in the broader market , will have to do on the basis of short-term band; 88 refers to own stock pond, like CSI 300, CSI 100, 50, like Shenzhen, is elected based on my own feelings, experiences, my own way of operating 88 stocks most of the growth of the operation, the short-term, band foundation and soil.Unconsciously write so much, everyone understood that I was selling their children to buy a monkey playing – nothing leisured.

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