83 Variations youth, love of literature Zhengyu Rui

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Zhengyu Rui is my classmate, when entering technical school, we went to the Office of Academic Affairs reported the name of the school.However, we are fond of literature, when on campus but did not build the kind of friendship to a very harmonious, although many times we will together explore topics related to literature, but between us has always been to explore great conflict; until we are out of school, into the factory when the internship, our friendship began to slowly get up deep harmony.    No Zhengyu Rui previous work, has a clean-cut character traits, for things around always have a theory of their own; moreover, ambitious, he has never stopped the pace of learning.Therefore, while we were still factory internship, he self-study came from the Chinese language and literature, and shortly after they work through self-examination and received a graduate certificate in Chinese language and literature.With undergraduate diploma Zhengyu Rui, once the period for civil servants to apply for special intentions, but, through the efforts of many times, but had no chance with his national civil service.He later examination by a large scale within the enterprise, won the metallurgy of a college undergraduate diploma.The party, we are called double degree of his usual friends tube top students.    Zheng Yurui hard work, do not need to look at how many books he had read in the night, the solution is too much math, just look at his head had thick black hair, is becoming sparse up day by day, which can see He came out of his hard work.So hard and excellent Zhengyu Rui, like he did not get proper expectations and values.    Just the work, Zhengyu Rui was assigned to a process even tougher than the shop where I go to work, have a Chinese Language and Literature undergraduate diploma, he will still own youth and sweat spilled in those old factory building.Sometimes, Zheng Yurui for the lack of coordination between the situation of undergraduate diploma and has its own factory, and always will issue some words to cry and complain.However, the plant is such a plant, the plant irrelevant for the diploma, in the factory is really worthless.Since Zhengyu Rui and out of the factory can not pass the civil service exam, then the Graduate Diploma in Chinese Language and Literature, he has, and only in the factory of uselessness.    When he later adopted within the enterprise exam to obtain metallurgical undergraduate diploma, a long period of time, he is still in the factory sat dude ordinary grass-roots workers, it seems, he has a dual degree is no the value and role of.Later, in a small-scale personnel selection inside the factory, it has a dual-degree students Zhengyu Rui finally let himself stand out in a large number of talents, his factory Factory finding a job without any title clerk for yourself.    In accordance with the knowledge Zhengyu Rui students, should serve as a section chief in the factory, the Commissioner also appears to be more than enough.However, when I long ago because of his injury, the retirement of things to go back to the factory, my classmates Zhengyu Rui but he is just as competent in my retirement matters and busy.It seems that the busy Zhengyu Rui students, is for the position of chief of the personnel section of the plant and work Factory.    When he was out of the office and I come to bid farewell, I saw his hair was very sparse, only it seems from the outside, his head looks like a type already grown Director.However, when I bid farewell with him, I could not see that once belonged to his rhetoric, and he did not look up once light, but showing a little melancholy.Zheng Yurui face my classmates, my heart is with sadness – after years of baptism, office buildings and factories of the factory, has the outline of his body thoroughly polished off completely.My classmates Zhengyu Rui, has been completely turned into a factory in the office’s cautious to the work of clerks.    Time is really a terrible thing, once so fondly recite poetry Zhengyu Rui Xu, even in the passage of time, has become such a nothing to do with poetry clerk!Perhaps the aspect of life from the point of view, Zheng Yurui farewell poetry that is happy, but I can not help but think, from the level of life point of view, would be a farewell poem heart defects at some point he will think of.

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