80 Master of returnees salary suffering sun 70000

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80 Master of returnees sun monthly salary of 70,000 ordeal was very fond of visiting various forums, watching the sun wages different groups of people, sometimes envious, ashamed sometimes, sometimes proud, sometimes anger, sometimes frustration.This paper made a few minor adjustments to experience, in order to avoid being recognized people out, but the main plot all true, and I had intended to encourage a mood of people.  I am 82 years old, Master of turtles.  The end of 2005 I started my first job, consulting industry, a monthly salary of 5000, I knew I sell cheap, but I value the development of space, put up, six months later, after the got the basic work experience, job-hopping leave.  Second job, or in the consulting industry, a monthly salary of 6000, is a sort of a small company, but for me, the platform is large enough.Just hard work to start, do not underestimate the word I use to your life, work 13-14 hours a day McKinsey much better than it, we are rewarding the efforts of the company and everyone knows I’m a workaholic, including CEOs, six months later, to improve layer, wages rose to 7000, six months later, put in charge of wages 8500, 10 individual tubes, and then for six months, increase level executives, wages 10000 tube more than 20 individuals.  Everyone says I’m worth, but they do not know is that a sparrow know that the swan!  I started my third job, investment banking, a monthly salary of 40,000, since the state experienced a hellish job, but fortunately accustomed to this kind of work intensity.Surprisingly smooth when looking for work, I went resume Each company desperate, death-defying paid before.Investment bank is investmentbanking, it is one of the world’s highest wages to workers in several industries.  Three months later, by chance, I switched to the fourth work, is the company I am currently located, is still investment bank, 70,000, Shanghai and Hong Kong, two to fly, I do not know how much my bonus, but I think it should be an annual salary not far from one million.Do not think this is a very high salary, and when you get to this circle to know how much your poor, you will find a fool in poor harvest years can earn a few million years.Some people despise me take life for cash, I say you despise it, this is my choice, when you have the opportunity to millions of annual salary you will be more lives than I.  Now I no longer see the forum posted a salary, even to see the mood is no longer so ill at ease.Send this post today is purely caused by mood, encourage those frustrating, painful, do not believe that angry people.  Do not envy me, you think about how much better life, with a lot of leisure time to relax with my family.I have not seen the movie more than a year, my family and almost all telephone contact, meet with a month, I do not have my own time, I exercise every day, because I want to live a long time, I have a lot pain, do not want to write up eleven.  Even if you envy you, think about how I get through my second job, when the family say you stupid, to fight at every turn, colleagues say you are a workaholic, so every day throughout the building lights, and the lights of the old man say and girlfriend than to say are more, are facing new challenges every week, pressure to vomiting, almost refreshing to rely on coffee each morning, no weekends, once a whole month only four hours of sleep, every day around the world fly, tired to feel there is no time difference (if someone experienced some understanding of how tired I am), tired, afraid to be honest with my parents, I say tired to foreign customers worth, tired to walk asleep, something to drink half asleep, she had the day off to sleep off 20 hours.Now nearly 12 o’clock, and I will start my work again until late at night.  Would you like to get through the pain of it?Will you join the club you a million a year?So come on, day to drop a lot of money man also, we must first I was a very ordinary families, children, parents except I can not do any other sent abroad, I have to IQ and EQ are also very common, I believe all see off people do not feel I have any expertise, but I think trying to make me the only difference between someone else’s things right.  If you do not believe, it does not matter, I disdain excuse.  If you are willing to work harder than yesterday, back to a paste, as their manifesto it.  Remember, efforts!

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