8-pound Love

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He was 80 years old this year, she is a lovely old man, the pace of light, love to laugh, like to lecture, teach disciples were to play ball; she was 72 years old, is a beautiful woman, a little shy, very careful, like to do needlework, placed in the home full of handmade silk flower.But today, they make people impressed that he wrote her 15 years of love letters, she carefully collection, a total of more than 600, in boxes, hidden under the bed; she returned his Letter for 15 years, he was removed nationwide , leaving more than 300 letters, put into sacks and hid under the bed.  His love letter next to her letter, a total weight of 8 pounds.8 pounds, the weight of the couple love.They are living in the Jiading District of Shanghai Chen Cai Xuan and Lu Caiying.  Chen was a declared age of 33, even just a few days of enlisted recruits eggs are beginning to be concerned about marriage from Chen cadres.Fail to beat the crowd’s enthusiasm, Chen declared the decision before a blind date.The woman is in a field hospital in Hangzhou pediatrician, 25 years old, from Shanghai.  1963 mid-day, when Lu Caiying watch some unsettled.A few days ago, a colleague complained to her: You see I, 25-year-old is already a mother of two children, and you’re not worried that their marriage.Colleague introduced her to a blind date: 33-year-old, Lianshui Huai’an City, a unit of Cadres of the company, Chongqing.  Meet the moment, some unexpected.Ward suddenly out of a strange soldiers wearing masks: Comrade Lu Caiying, hello.Chen was declared a panic, even the King a military salute to Lu Caiying.Lu Caiying laughing, nodded: Hello.Chen was declared blushed and refuses to take off the masks.You are not afraid of it hot?Lu Caiying graceful looked at each other.To the hospital, do not pay attention to hygiene?Chen was declared to make excuses.Lu Caiying laughed, suddenly think this is very interesting blind date.Chen was declared stare at Lucai Ying, write slowly joy in his eyes: This is love at first sight?  Back to the troops after Chen was declared could not help but have the urge to write, although just over an hour to get along, but he almost had found each other is their lifelong partner hand in hand.Comrade Lu Caiying, With reverence I met with you.I hope that in the process we know, the spirit of a Communist Youth League and should have the moral quality and to carefully deal with personal problems sent the letter, Chen was declared suddenly felt wrong: in case she is not satisfied with how I do?  That day, Lu Caiying room for the children being treated injections.Lu Caiying, your letter to the Huaian!Her heartbeat suddenly accelerated, those around him jokingly pretending calm, but she opened the letter hand trembling slightly.  Night, Lu Caiying sitting at the table trying to think how to reply, after tensions began to moan and groan.She suddenly realized: Is this love?She sent the first e-letter.The first cycle of geese, opened in Hangzhou, the summer of love prelude to 8 pounds.  Chen was declared to Lucai Ying wrote almost every day, he sketched her smiles in the text, often can not help but take time and put pen to paper passion hidden behind Quotations from Chairman Mao.When they met a second time, is the second in early summer.Xuan Chen was standing outside the clinic, a put Lu Caiying knew him from a large group of white coats in.  July 30, 1964, Chen was declared do not know how many times their own stationery spread out but this is certainly the most sacred of the most solemn.When write, because of his excessive force, almost cut through the paper: I hope we can quickly build a happy family!Great vision, like the red sun shining like a shabby dormitory.  Lu Caiying no reply, she felt reply marriage is not simply ends up in green postman’s bag, as too slow and too casual.She rushed into the hospital janitor, thankfully, no one take over the phone: Comrade Chen was declared, I promise you offer.  Two postman was declared and continue to serve as Chen Lu Caiying matchmaker.In the letter, they determine the starting point of a new life: 1964 National Day.Similarly, in the letter, they discussed marriage form: no banquet, no dinner guests, organized two collective West Lake.  That day, they are not the first time to watch the beauty of the West Lake, but changing the identity of the let their feelings much pleasure.Chen Lu Caiying was declared fair and square, holding hands, deliberately falls behind the crowd, saying only two people know Private Message.Newcomers to photography!Everyone clamored.Before they somewhat reluctantly stood lens, a photographer at the mercy: close to something, smile.Do not blink eyes, looked up to see me here!Yes, exactly!  This is their only wedding, but Chen was declared the first time did not see the photo.National Day is over, he followed the troops to the Anhui.Lu Caiying the photo clip in the letter sent to Chen was declared, the three-inch black and white photographs, he and she are so handsome, he quietly moved her hands around his waist, a smile fixed.  Chen declared only three developed a love letter to the habit, when to meet, how the family, unless there is a problem all can think of something, will be turned into black and white.  Lu Caiying seems to have psychic, she would sneeze on the day of receipt of the letter.Lu Caiying, you hit a few sneeze today ah?Colleagues make fun of her.3.She honestly answer.3 letter, placed it in a drawer.Most of the day, she even played five sneeze.  When the farthest, hundreds of kilometers away from them; recently, a straight line away from my present position and the hospital is only 60 miles, but the army has many things, not taking the time to see you.Hope you forgive me.Chen Cai Xuan said in the letter.Lu Caiying sudden urge to see his birth in the past, she hurried to leave, put himself sent to the barracks door.  Comrade Chen was declared, someone looking for you.Chen was declared comrades smiled notice.Chen was declared somewhat confused, but deep in my heart to give birth to faint expectations: she is right?  How did you come?Outburst, Chen declared it will be some regret, how to speak so blunt, but he clearly would like to ask you tired?  Lu Caiying busy, leave most of the time spent on the road, only enough time left before Chen declared her full uniform, it is precisely his cap, he said those repeated thousands of times told: You do not worry about me, work first, do not live up to the expectations of your troops.  Return on the road, carrying Lucai Ying Chen Cai Xuan buy fruit annoyed: before coming so impulsive, and even forgot to weave sweater good to bring him over.Not a few days, she received a letter from Chen declared only took a few minutes after she left the encounter feelings record down.

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