8 years to sell 200,000 stewed eggs, foster mother for you “find” back to the ear

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In order to adopt this earless abandoned her and her husband at a falling out, go to Shenzhen to work from their homes.In order to earn money for his son to find ear, she sold 200,000 brine eggs.The heroine He Jinlin, said: I just did an ordinary mother should do, that mother would love the child, including other people’s January 17, 2009, Ms. He Jinlin Laifeng, and took his son’s hand, smiling out of the fifth hospital in Wuhan.Eight years ago, she was adopted without a congenital ear abandoned, resulting in Fuqifanmu, she had to hold abandoned their homes, vowed to retrieve the ears for his name not abandoned ear, let him hear bamboo jointing sound.  8 years, He Jinlin alone with children, wandering back and forth between Shenzhen and Wuhan.In order to give the children hold up a clear sky, she overcame many difficulties, not only taught the children to speak, but also won understanding her husband’s love of countless pairs of hands to stretch her.  2008 autumn in October, He Jinlin looking after eight years, finally found the ear to ear abandoned without.  Their homes, only to earless abandoned Ninth lunar month in 2000, Laifeng redevelop kindergarten, more than 100 children in the cool breezes fan of napping, principal Ms. He Jinlin being evacuated to the children to do courseware suddenly, Xiangfeng town police station two police officers, sweating opened the door holding a baby nursery.One of the police officers said: Ho principal, I do not know this is someone’s child, had been lost three times a day or two each house to throw into the street, and then left to go this way, his life to retain his job.We think you drive a kindergarten, I will try to come.  It’s a boy!Police added a sentence.  He Jinlin looked closely, is a girl baby born 10 days, very handsome face, but always felt a bit wrong.A closer look, the original is no ear, right ear is a flat, left ear strangely grow the contours of a mountain, the ears have a common characteristic, no pierced ears.The original is a disabled child ah.  He Jinlin difficult to say: I am here only to recruit more than 2-year-olds, we can not keep this baby.Police said nothing for a long time, with a sigh: Well, we think of ways to it.Ugh!Somehow, this sound Oh, let the heart like a stone pressing He Jinlin like, she told the police turned to go: Come, I look at this child.Baby just woke up, small tongue licking chapped lips, very hard to accept the way.He hastened to the principal of a bowl of green bean soup with a spoon fed child to drink.Little guy drink with relish, drinking also directed grin He Jinlin.  He Jinlin maternal Hula was inspired, she decided to police, said: This child left me, please be assured that this is the end of his happiness, never again changed hands, unless his parents came to beg.  Two policemen sigh of relief, sincerely say: what the principal, the good will be rewarded!  He Jinlin holding an abandoned baby back home.Cheng Yakai husband was a tailor, was dumb, but hearing.When he learned that the wife should receive disability earless boy do son, feeling angry, he grabbed a pen, brush wrote: I have a disability itself, you have a plus, but not any ears deaf and dumb, how this day was?He Jinlin said the children too poor, has been dropped three times.Her husband also wrote: How then lost again?We have two daughters!He Jinlin smile, said: Yes, ah, just sons and daughters.  Cheng Yakai one, a green face gas, waving his pen was supposed.After the couple fierce quarrel, He Jinlin decided to leave the child, police said he had been sworn in, can not be changed.Adults, Yinuoqianjin miles!  Two high school daughters back to school, large female Cheng Yi also opposed adoption, Cheng Si only daughter standing on the side of her mother.  Noisy noisy return, He Jinlin stubbornly settled down to the abandoned baby.When called, because that day is the day of June ninth day, she gave the children small sixty-nine named, as his name, He Jinlin not ready yet.  Concern for the health of small sixty-nine, He Jinlin specially holding a small sixty-nine came to Wuhan Tongji hospital for treatment.After careful testing experts, found that although the children did not pierced, but still have some hearing, which makes overjoyed He Jinlin.Experts say the child’s ear, it is best to wait for him to go after four or five pierced ears open surgery, and plastic surgery, ear can install the growth of surgical score several times, but the estimated cost of 150,000 yuan!  He Jinlin shivering, 150,000 yuan ah, that’s how tall pile of money!I thought, she self-comfort: It does not matter, we are not yet opened a nursery, slowly save Well!  After one year, 37-year-old He Jinlin side with children in kindergarten management side, officially became a small sixty-nine of feeding mom.Cheng Yakai complained though, you want to always clamoring child away, but each time was firmly He Jinlin top back.  In July 2001, the kindergarten will be four passers-by a bus crashed into a hospital, you need to pay a hundred thousand dollars of medical expenses, He Jinlin come up with all the family property, and Dongnuexijie, or not enough, desperation , He Jinlin had closed the nursery, selling bus, income and all the costs for the treatment of the injured.  Cheng Yakai will this turn of events attributable to the small sixty-nine, found that he was a good wife, a child can not see the moment.Cheng Yakai training and preparation wife a note: deaf and dumb not any abandoned the ear, with national support, what can you succeed?This home, he did not have me, I did not have him, I’ll leave!He Jinlin suffered a blow, nor a good mood, a fit of anger, said: Well, small sixty-nine go, I go.I had now able to accommodate 180 children start kindergarten, but also to support small 169th and I.And I have to give him back the ears.Also, I officially give small sixty-nine take a scientific name, with my name, called He Zhiliang.My name what’s your mother, be sure to his ears ‘good governance’ in the husband’s stunned expression, in the next two Mom and daughter do not go crying, holding a small sixty-nine He Jinlin, carries one thousand yuan of money, decided to He left home and boarded a train bound for Shenzhen.  Drift in a foreign land, my mother Qinan, 2001 September 20, holding a small sixty-nine He Jinlin to Shenzhen, but to find a job, while raising small sixty-nine work side, then slowly opportunity to seek medical attention.She came to the Bagualing, they have relied on a wealth of experience in early childhood education and saw a kindergarten, she was holding a small sixty-nine into candidates.Principal politely ask: do you have early childhood education certificate?  He Jinlin surprised a moment, the home of the nursery, do not pay attention to this diploma, she did not say so.Director looked at her holding a small sixty-nine said: You took this a disabled child, and how to care for other children too?And you do not even certificate.We are here very strict investigation, the diploma is Yinggang Gang marvelous principal speak, He Jinlin disappointed left holding the little sixty-nine.On this day, she ran seven kindergartens, for the same reason eat seven cold shoulder.  At night, He Jinlin find a Pixiang 6 dollars a night in the hostel, it is a six-earth, even the fans do not have windows or bad.In this sultry night, listening to the child’s breathing anxiety, insomnia He Jinlin.  When 14 o’clock, small sixty-nine due to hot and crying, fed powdered milk not eat.Five female guests in the same room were awakened, very impatient.He Jinlin had to take their children to go out.Behind the hotel there is a small bamboo forest, there are a few stone bench, He Jinlin sitting on a stone bench, and gently pat his son on the back, his son was gradually quiet down.With a chilly night wind, blowing bamboo leaves rustling, sometimes hear a slight popping sound, He Jinlin good burst of excitement, this is the sound of bamboo growing jointing ah, I must let the life of this son heard strong sound!  He Jinlin was like playing a shot in the arm, feeling more Xinxin Zu.Morning, she holds her son go for a walk, see people peddle brine eggs.Her eyes light up, I can sell halogen eggs ah!  The next day, He Jinlin it with people sharing a cottage, then repairing the cellular furnaces and other daily necessities, and go to the market to buy 100 eggs, boil add soy sauce, salt, ginger, etc. in the pan, the egg will halogen , and then ended to go hawking small alley, a dollar two spiced corned egg.  Customers are mostly local residents, looked at her holding disabled son to held, how many people to the point of Thin, frequented her business, so, He Jinlin able to sell 100 spiced corned egg every day, earn 15 dollars.  He Jinlin day, holding his son sitting on the street guarding spiced corned egg stalls, idle fast enough, wanted to do something that came.Marketer her beautiful needlework, try using a hook wool mobile phone sets, will soon be a stylish girl to spend 15 dollars bought, which made her overjoyed.This month, she hook up 20 mobile phone sets, earning 200 yuan, came to Shenzhen two months, the first time she bought half a catty of meat.  2001 twelfth lunar month, nearly six months out of Hejin Lin never call home, seeing hawkers around him gradually return home, has become far more deserted her heart more pain.New Year, homesick ah, two daughters do not know Zeyang test, there is no illness, want to mother?And that stubborn husband, whether with remorse?He Jinlin quietly to Zhujing Ju sister called and asked her to touch her husband’s tone, surprise, Cheng Yakai still the same: to have his (small sixty-nine) I did not, I did not have him.  Although mentally prepared, He Jinlin was surprised a moment, the mood is gray, and she sadly that her child to the mall to buy milk, but found the back door had been broken into, 500 yuan in cash under the bed was gone, that she is ready to pay two months’ rent money!He Jinlin hurried hit 110, the police can not do anything, advised her to have a security guard cell rent Eve night, listening to the faint sound of firecrackers on the outskirts of the bitterness out alone together on the heart, He Jinlin won son rosy cheeks, shining with tears, he said: son, ah, after tonight is the Chinese New Year, my mother raise much suffering Hello, you called me a good mother?Only calls out a few times induced tripled and small sixty-nine still looked at her blankly, not the slightest reaction.He Jinlin first time in front of his son to tears.  200,000 brine eggs in exchange for soothing June 2002, full of small sixty-nine two years, and finally will run in Montreal, increasing the feelings of mother and son.He Jinlin husband still do not forgive, He Jinlin past few years has not been home, spiced corned egg and wool by phone sets prop up the son of the head of a clear sky.  April 6, 2003, a small sixty-nine soon over 3 years old.One Hubei Association for the little sixty-nine bottle of Wahaha, he soon it was gone, the time to sleep at night, small sixty-nine hand gestures to drink.He Jinlin pour a glass of warm water, but single-handedly pushed his son, but the hand was able to make water action.He Jinlin children do not know in the end to be doing, it forced him to sleep in bed by, surprise, like a small sixty-nine ground-breaking continuous shouted: Ha ha ha ha He Jinlin mouth became scared?Shape: son opening a coincidence, or really Tieshukaihua?She dropped the child and ran to the store to buy a bottle of Wahaha, and held high in front of his son.Small sixty-nine stretched out his hands, excitement and haste shouted: Ha ha ha ha He Jinlin feel the whole body blood boiling, staring at her son, stressing each syllable: Haha drink, we should call Mom, shouting, mom!Small sixty-nine stretched hands in the air has been held sore, but He Jinlin just do not give small sixty-nine anxious gonna cry, and finally shouted He Jinlin wait three years that sacred terms: Mom Haha this sounds of nature, is so clear and sounds!He Jinlin of a loose hand, Wahaha out on the bed, small sixty-nine quickly pick it up, then tried to seal his mouth to bite.At this time, He Jinlin already bathed in tears, holding her son said: 3 years, my mother until this day, easy ah she drunkenly kissed his son’s face, because his son can not open the sealed beverages, anxious scratching, It looks especially funny.This time, He Jinlin turn up ha ha.  In this way, in this dilapidated cottage, his son drink ha ha, my mother laughingly small sixty-nine successfully taken the first step towards a healthy, very well, but away from home for many years, He Jinlin miss two daughters, the younger brother daughter in law Zhujing Ju mouth, Hejin Lin Cheng recalled that the eldest daughter of teachers specially selected readings, say my mother is good, their future to re-run a nursery, and run special education, special shelter children with disabilities.And my daughter thought process is ideal test Normal University, teaching and educating future.  He Jinlin hear, both also pleased guilt, is in the formative years of her daughter, but the lack of mother’s love, they are too incompetent.She decided to return to the provincial capital to sell stewed eggs away from home near her daughter also easier to meet.  In mid-October 2003, He Jinlin holding a small sixty-nine appear in Wuhan, she rented a stairwell in Yuemachang 7 square meters, pushing spiced corned egg a day to the nearby Wuchang Railway Station selling, while continuing to hook some of the wool ornaments for sale.Two daughters starry night came, her daughter cried Sa.Naive little sixty-nine under her mother’s coaching, sweetly shouted Sister and sister.  Two daughters to take her mother and brother back home, He Jinlin refused, one Chengya Kai still do not understand her actions, the second is a small town not surgery for his son.  He Jinlin not return for many years with the nest, gradually eliminate the gas Chengya Kai sit still at home, he suspected his wife had an affair.He Jinlin, after that, tearing his hair out, what pain she can eat, what grievances can live with, except this style issues related to the woman’s character, and without any ambiguity.The end of 2006, she rushed back home, forcibly grabbing her husband came to Wuhan, so he visited the stairwell Nianger Liang live, but also forced him to see her crying brine eggs at the train station.Wuchang railway station has been in transformation, muddy everywhere, Chengya Kai saw his wife struggling to flee in order to escape the urban management and people fell down, but spiced corned egg bowl tightly in his arms Chengya Kai tears, he strode ran propped his wife, holding her hand all the way back to the stairwell.He Jinlin called a son, pushed him to the front of Chengya Kai: You do not say that I was having an affair, the son that I never let go of this life affair!  Small sixty-nine timidly look Chengya Kai, looking at my mother, my father finally called out, Cheng Yakai eyes a hot, open arms, small arms to hug tightly sixty-nine.After Chengya Kai home, He Jinlin they found a note under the pillow wrapped around 800 dollars, there are seven words on paper: I am a small sixty-nine his father!  In 2007, after the big Cheng Yi female teachers graduated in Wuhan South Mount Hope a kindergarten teacher, and her mother and brother received together, but my daughter thought process is admitted to the Capital Normal University, Cheng family of the sun rose more Taller.  October 12, 2008, Wuhan University of Science and Technology of the Communist Youth League Shuji business trip, Lu Yu He Jinlin selling spiced corned egg, would like to observe people’s livelihood Shuji her pull homemade, after eight years as one day this woman raising an abandoned child that, he calculated that, he Jinlin sold at least 200,000 brine eggs.  So, He Jinlin deeds spread quickly, Chu earth moved.Find a love action ears, large expansion in Wuhan.Hubei Provincial People’s Hospital offered free of charge to small sixty-nine surgery.Wuhan Mai Dikang medical device companies also decided to provide free production by the United States of MEDPOR (building material ears).  2008 at 8:30 on October 21, the residual ink sound Hubei Provincial People’s Hospital, director of facial plastic surgery and ENT physician Caoyong Mao personally surgeon, ear scaffold made of a material with MEDPOR, buried in the small sixty-nine ear under the skin.  The operation was very successful.According to the residual ink Sound Description: In this reengineering bracket, there are a lot of holes, president of granulation in the ear in it, a few months later, will gradually forming auricle.Eight months later, the stand erected, it becomes a complete ear, and does not deform!  Son, grow up, you have to be grateful ah!He Jinlin volts in a small sixty-nine bedside anesthesia unawakened, watching his son’s ear looming Guo, cry into tears: He Zhiliang, my mother have sworn, my name is what your mother sure to your ears “good governance “bamboo jointing must let you hear the sound of the voice, gentle and good light good.But that bamboo, but it looks good high good lush ah

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