8 years of marriage temperatures

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He says [a] book, woman, every seven years is a metamorphosis.Xie Jianan think these words really a phrase ah.  This year, he is just Guoqing Jia together and eighth year, gratuitous, he felt like a new man Guoqing Jia.Unfortunately, not caterpillars metamorphose into butterflies, but moths passivation small child into calluses.  Eyes drooping, soft Puff face had creases and melasma, all of which, Xie Jianan think that is a good understanding of people there, which can really live into the Millennium tong lao.Look on entertainment gossip, Zhang Ziyi’s eyes are fine lines, not to mention his wife.  Let stand is Guoqing Jia Xie Jianan neurotic.For example, air-conditioned bedroom.  This summer’s high temperatures, can be described as epic proportions.Xiejian An already fat during the day in the company, anxious to hang himself on the air conditioning.Evening back home, a little bit of lack of air conditioning, it is sweating.  Therefore, the temperature of the bedroom, and then lower the low, low to Guoqing Jia has been anxious to jump up Chibai face, began to revolt.  She spoke at length mouth is filled with truths.Air conditioning is sick, it is not environmentally friendly.Xiejian An nose in the air: If you are like her to be so horrible, why the air-conditioned stores also sold out ah.Furthermore, he said the summer without air conditioning, buy belongings do this.  Guoqing Jia falsely accuse: I can not stand legs, under your touch, knees and more cool here ah.You can not be so selfish, this room is not a person you.  Xie Jianan will stand back and throw a wife, scholar encounter soldiers, rational say clear, he simply will not talk about.Who become like, Guoqing Jia a crooked body and forced the air-conditioning remote control, switch off the press snapped.  That night, the couple Quduo you come to my remote, and pretty soon, Guoqing Jia tears came down, and began to read over and over again that you love me in the end of Compassion.  Xie Jianan gas, however, a walk away, carrying a pillow went to study.  [Two] Although the next couple soon reconciled, but the air conditioning has since become this summer’s big problem.  Xie Jianan do not want to smoke every night, so consult with Guoqing Jia, or the drawing of lots decide who to listen to, who caught the initiative grasps the remote control.  At first, Guoqing Jia promised to be good.I’m feeling really good also to say how they danced, the first three nights, she caught the initiative back and forth all.Xie Jianan speed connection, every day a big shake Pushan in bed endure bitter summer.Guoqing Jia smiling eyes closed, dreaming is a look of pride.The fourth night, come full circle, Xie Jianan finally grasped the initiative.He did not hesitate to set the temperature to 16 degrees, then the open belly, sleep whistling.  Guoqing Jia immediately cold.The next morning, the whole person is sneezing is tears, Xie Jianan handed him a white with black, she acted in a self destroyed: Do not hypocritical, and Xie Jianan, I had seen, in your heart, I am now not the slightest status.Take a look at it for yourself comfortable, I’m dead, you do not care.  Xiejian An red in the face, this is where to where ah.Not that good speed connection do, how he can follow the rules of the game, to Guoqing Jia here, she would falsely accuse it.  Xiejian An heartbroken, depressed, and have nothing to say.Who Guoqing Jia cold it good, when she is not unreasonable, now sick, but also to prevail.  He had to make compromises, to temporarily return to the era of big Pushan.Let Xie Jianan did not expect that, Guoqing Jia cold Well, he was no longer difficult to stand up.She directly occupied the air conditioning remote control, whenever Xie Jianan said not a word, not a nose to nose Guoqing Jia face to face is not washed up: how the, you have to up my little life was let go ah.  Xie Jianan breath hold in there, nothing to say.Untouchables, avoid them from him.Room air-conditioning, refrigeration same.Separated big deal.Xiejian An angrily carrying a pillow and went to the room again.  For Xiejian An uprising started, Guo Qingjia not complain.Small for gestational age, see you can sustain a few days.  However, one day, two, three, flash a week later, Xie Jianan still enjoy themselves in the room, lie down a bit Guoqing Jia.  Although this guy around and occasionally sleep when tired, but when he really self-reliance, she felt, goes meter eighty bed, for she was a person, a bit too much too open.She find a lot of excuses and reasons to seduce him, no one thought, Xiejian An arrogant Donghonghong do not Jiecha.That day, most of the night Guoqing Jia rooms to patrol, suddenly found Xie Jianan phone, most of the night to receive an ambiguous message, she suddenly caught the handle.  Although Xie Jianan repeatedly stressed that this is only the voice of Taiwan harassing messages, however, do not believe Guoqing Jia.Eventually, according to the telephone number to play in the past, it is determined after harassment voice platform, Guoqing Jia’s face was darkened from the.Breakfast is not done, I do not wash clothes, take the eye of love talk.Xie Jianan also start loving mind: this is the Zala, she did not want to blow air conditioning, master bedroom put themselves out to make, or how unhappy it.  Think of ways to amuse him, a look of sad Guoqing Jia: Do not touch me, I knew that this day we two had no end in sight.  Xiejian An Zhexiang Ruzhui fog that car where Guoqing Jia Wow fell to a newspaper in front of him: look at other people her husband, tried their very best for his wife and more, look at you, do not let a air conditioning, but also mention what love.  Xiejian An bow saw that it was affection male 20 years as one day take good care of paralyzed wife of social news.He shortness of breath and laugh, this woman’s head seeds in the end to think of what, properly, compare what the same people with disabilities.[Three] Guoqing Jia corpuscles for a long time, has been to Xiejian An corpuscles think there is something wrong.She no longer asked him to return to the master bedroom after dinner every day, not afraid of hot room, a drill into the bed, and even a little reluctant to have Liu Wan.  Xiejian An curiosity and wonder.That day, while Guo Qingjia go to the bathroom in time, secretly ran to inquire into the case, a look, almost did not passed out.  Guoqing Jia hooked web chat.Moreover, she was flirting with an older man on the q.Shaped like an idiot, outrageous.What to eat dinner, sleep sleep, drinking water.Xiejian An feeling angry, roaring like a lion: Guoqing Jia, you do not see yourself how old are old lady, and also online play pig eat tiger?  Guoqing Jia refused to yield: the nectar A, B of arsenic, you do not like, and there are others like it.I just want you to look at me Guoqing Jia is not really degenerated into a popular and dependable unwanted.  Xiejian An angry speechless, mercilessly mouse fell to the ground, and turned back to the room.  Ordinarily, this night, room temperature is low enough, however, he felt himself become a hot pot of fish, over and over again, is unspeakable irritability and worry.Stay up till two o’clock midnight, he tiptoed secretly clawed the master bedroom door, okay okay, this Guoqing Jia wife, sacked out.  The next night, Guoqing Jia wore a mask can not wait to open the computer, Xiejian An angrily rushed in carrying a pillow, Wow what unplug the power to: want to hook up with the adulterer, no way.  He angrily climbed the big wide bed, a large palm-leaf fan shake it up, even if the heat death, stronger than the person being cuckolded ah.  Guoqing Jia humming a ditty to wash your face, go out, muzzled the music ah.Well, Xie Jianan what is the extent of military strategy, but she cleverly decided he was not obediently back to their side to sleep.  Life back into position, Guoqing Jia won, you can see Xiejian An hot sweat, the way she was distressed.  For a person weighing more than 180 pounds of fat, it’s a long summer night, it is tough enough.However, her physical weakness, really can not stand air conditioning strong winds.How to do it.  To help Guoqing Jia good sister to the rescue: air-conditioning fan ah, neither air-conditioning fan noise is not that bad people can not stand the cold, my family have used for several years.Guoqing Jia knew, had air conditioning problems plagued the couple, is almost a common problem in most homes summer.  However, other families are resolved properly, she was alone with Xie Jianan, is the drawing of lots, is separated, and is fair in war of meter, called a lively endure.After all, in his wisdom, or lack of it deal with the problem.Moreover, the sisters say it is intimate: a dispute with the family ah, the old thinking that nobody fully act according to their own will, you compromise a little, I compromise a little, and ultimately to find a middle path, good for everyone.  Guoqing Jia suddenly.Yes, ah, what you have to do everything yourself down.Nothing else to say, hurry to buy air-conditioning fan right.  Into the night, Xie Jianan entered the bedroom, suddenly felt a fresh gratuitous.He looked around, and air-conditioning did not open ah.  Guoqing Jia grinning, pointing to air-conditioning fan: Look, I still hurt you now.Xie Jianan thick solid ground touched a wife, that bitch, pretty close.He regretted, no thought of how his earlier use this trick it.  In fact, he did not think there are many.For example, before dinner, Guoqing Jia put the air conditioning turned on, she can not stand the air conditioning blowing, but it does allow air conditioning to cool ah advance.Down the temperature and then air-conditioning fan, she and Xie Jianan are comfortable.  Of course, such a small mind, she did not want to show off, not afraid Xiejian An impressed, but the fear of this guy, the United States was on cloud nine.  (From “share care”)

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