8 year-old girl of a thousand miles journey

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An 8-year-old girl can be a half thousand miles on foot?It is absolutely impossible.However, this is not possible in Shaoyang girls who had become a reality Ziqi.Under accompanied by their parents, who Ziqi from Guangzhou, walking back to his hometown in Hunan Shaoyang.Throughout more than 700 kilometers, which lasted 26 days.Had Ziqi childhood with parents living in Guangzhou, although conditions are relatively well-off family, but she still aspired to be an inspirational young up.The end of the semester sophomore, had Ziqi began planning their summer vacations.Father smiled and said: Otherwise, we walk back to his hometown in Hunan?Zeng Ziqi said: okay, what time of departure?Father is only Offhand, I do not intend to do so.However, it was higher than the true children Ziqi.In the following days, she had been pestering his father Ziqi.Father had no choice but to fulfill his promise.Ziqi was too young, and even can not find a way home, let alone walk home.Therefore, in order to complete the long march a thousand miles, it is impossible without parental.In order to honor their commitments, the father and mother decided to accompany her daughter to finish the relay which more than 700 km.If the daughter drop out, and they never forced.So the father bought a breathable clothing, breathable shoes, hats and other essential supplies, the family will be on the road.He began to accompany the mother was Ziqi.With Mother had Ziqi, along State Line Road, has been to go north.Start, was Ziqi is like a happy bird, he has been in the forefront of the mother.But, come from Guangzhou, Qingyuan, had Ziqi on Meijin Er.Not only Ziqi had no strength, also the mother of blisters on foot, walking is also a limping.False starts, the mother took the opportunity to persuade her to give up the hiking.Mother said: As long as you say a ‘stop’ word, I’ll give your dad a call, we will get relief in a short time!Ziqi had heard, hastily shook his head.She said firmly: no matter how difficult, I will stick to it!Mother had no choice but grinding his teeth, with her daughter in the back.It seems the mother, the daughter of a thousand miles on foot to accomplish this feat is simply impossible thing.Weary mother daughter look forward to a compromise as soon as possible, own Ye Hao relief.However, she soon found that he was wrong.Ziqi had not only failed to compromise, but farther in the mood.Mother and daughter went to Guangdong and Hunan border, in front of a mountain.Mother could not get on.So, they chose to give up.When my father came to driving a car, the mother already face dust, limping, almost like a retreat from the battlefield down remnants.And once Ziqi addition to some dark and thin, but the spirit of better than before.Mother drove off, his father took over the task to accompany her daughter hiking.The weather is getting hot, the road increasingly difficult to walk.To help her fulfill my wish, my father changed tactics.He had let Ziqi’s mother drove to solve the problem in front of the basic necessities of life, he had himself accompanied Ziqi, full of emotions and take care of her walking rhythm.Road, if there are seven or eight Ziqi had intended thirsty or tired, his father would arrange his daughter to drink water or rest.Not only that, on their way, and the two against the moon and stars go out every day trek eight hours later, in time for the noon call it a day when the most intense sunshine.After 26-day trek, we finally reached the Shaoyang county Ziqi.After reaching the end, my father had asked Ziqi said: When walking, you have been walking in front of me, more silent.This way of what you want?Zeng Ziqi said: I will always be in my heart speak for themselves, communicate with themselves, with their struggle.I struggle with their exchange only one theme: to challenge themselves and stick to it!Trinidad trek 8-year-old girls, although they did Ziqi do just a perseverance and the will to try or exercise, but her success tells us: as long as the self-defeat, there will be a miracle!

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