8 inspirational story, Bukanhouhui life

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Story one: choose a farmer rescued his wife from the flood, his children had been drowned.Later, people talking.Some said he was doing the right thing, because the child may have another wife but not the death and resurrection; some say he was wrong, because a wife could marry another, children can not death and resurrection.I listened to people talk, but also puzzled difficult decision: If you can only save one person, what should save his wife, or is it to save children?  So I went to visit the farmer and asked him how he was thinking.He replied: I thought nothing.Flood hit, his wife had in my body, I grabbed her go out into the nearby hillside tour.When I returned, the child has been washed away by the flood.  On the way home, I reflected on the farmers, saying to myself: so-called life is so many choices.  Story II: Heart of love This is a true story takes place in the UK.There was a lonely old man, had no children, and infirm, he decided to move to nursing homes.Announced the sale of his beautiful old house.Buyers flocked to hearing.Residential reserve price £ 80,000, but people will soon It Scoop £ 100,000.The price is still rising.Elderly depression everywhere, yes, but for health situation is not, he will not sell this building to accompany him to spend most of their lives in the house.  A plainly dressed young to old eyes, bent down and whispered: Sir, I may want to buy this building residential, but I was only 10,000 pounds.However, if you sell me the house, I guarantee that you will still live here, and I drink tea, read newspapers, walking, happy music almost every day, believe me, I will take care of you with all of my heart!Old man nodded and smiled, the residential price of 1 million pounds sold him.  Complete the dream, you do not necessarily have to be in cold blood and fight fraud, sometimes as long as you have a heart of love on it.  Story Three: a doctor, Dr. assigned a research institute, becoming the highest degree of a person.  One day he went to a small pond behind the unit to go fishing, deputy director in just his either side, also fishing.He just nodded his head slightly, both undergraduates, so what good is it to talk?Soon, n-director rod down, stretch, rub Cengceng go to the toilet from the upper surface of the flying surface.Dr. eyes open almost fell off: Water Gone with the Wind?No way?This is a pond ah.Director came back positive after using the toilet, it is also Cengceng rub drifted back from the water.what happened?Doctoral and bad to ask, he is a doctoral student which!  After a while, deputy director stood up, walked a few steps, rub rub rub drifting on the water toilet.This is Dr. erupted almost fainted: No, to the rivers and lakes where a centralized master?  Doctoral students within anxious.The walls on both sides of the pond, have to go to the toilet across the road about ten minutes, and the last time the unit too far away, how do?Two doctoral students do not want to ask the director, after hold for a long time, also got into the water Cross: I can not believe undergraduates had the water, I can not over-doctoral.Just listen to boom bang, PhD plummeted into the water.  Two director pulled him out and asked him why the water, he asked: Why you can go through?Two director laugh: This pond has two rows of stakes child, due to the rain the past two days rose water just below the surface.We all know the location of this stake, so you can stake stepping past.You do not ask how soon it?  Education represents the past, only the future can represent learning ability.Respect of human experience, in order to avoid detours.A good team, it should be a learning team.  Story Four: administering to an old carpenter was ready to retire, he told the boss that they have to leave the construction industry, home with his wife and children enjoy their grandchildren.The boss could not bear his good worker go and asked if he could help build a house, old carpenter said can.But then we could see his heart no longer work, he uses a soft material, out of menial jobs.A house built when the boss handed him the key to the door.This is your house, he said, I gave you a gift.He shocked stunned, humiliated shame.If he had known was to build their own house, how he would do?Now he live in a shoddy house!  We then why not.We casually build their own lives, not affirmative action, but rather passive coping, always refused to excellence, we can not make the greatest efforts at a critical time.When we realize that their situation has long been deeply trapped in the house they have built in.You as a carpenter it, think about your house, every day you knock a nail into it, add to a board, or erect a wall, using your ingenuity to build a good bar!Your life is your life only to create, not smooth reconstruction, even if only one day to live, that day deserves to be lived beautiful, noble, written on the nameplate on the wall: life is his own creation.  The story Five: There is a window of his wife over the years complained opposite his wife is lazy, the woman’s clothes never wash clean, look, her clothes hanging out in the yard, there are always spots, I really do not know how she even clothes are washed into that way.  Until one day, there is a perspicacious friends to her house, only to find his wife is not the opposite of clothes to wash clean.Careful friend took a piece of cloth, the gray stains on the windows erase wife, saying: Look, this is not to clean it?  It turned out the windows of his home is dirty.  Story Six: to remind themselves there is a lady sitting looking at the side of the road not far from a high wall, always feel that it will soon collapse, see someone walked over to the wall, she kindly reminded: To the Wall down, go far with point.To be reminded of people looked at her puzzled big way along the foot of the wall and walked to the Wall did not fall.  The old lady was angry: how do not listen to me?It was also the way, the old lady has to be advised.Three days later, many people walk past the wall and did not encounter danger.The fourth day, the old lady was a little strange, and a little disappointed, involuntarily came up to the wall in carefully watched, however, at this time, Duo wall down, masonry old woman was buried in the dust, the Qijueshenwang.  Remind others are often very easy, very sober, but can do time soberly remind ourselves that it is difficult.So, many dangers from their own, the old lady of sorrow will therefore born.  Story Seven: the river of an old apple monk, who gather around with a bunch of devout disciples.On this day, he asked his disciples to Nanshan per person to play back a load of firewood.Disciples hurried line to the mountain not far from the river, stunned everyone.I saw the flood rush down from the mountains, in any case we can never expect to cross the river of firewood.Without success, his disciples were a little crestfallen.With the exception of a master monk relatively calm.Teacher asked why, the young monk from her pulled out an apple, and handed the master said, can not cross the river, can not play firewood, see the river have apple trees, I dig into an apple tree only to pick up.Later, the young monk became the inheritor of the master.  The world has to go finish the road, also had not river.You can not cross the river and turn back, but also a kind of wisdom.But the real wisdom but also in the river to do one thing: thinking of flying a kite, off an apple.Calendar view past and present, clung to a belief in life who have achieved the ultimate breakthrough in life and beyond.  Story Eight: simple truth Once there were two hungry people has been a gift of the elderly: a fishing rod and a huge basket of fresh fish.Among them, a man in a basket of fish, another person asked for a fishing rod, so they parted ways.Fish get people in place to put the fire to cook the fish dry wood, he devoured, no product out of the meaty fish, suddenly, even the fish soup he ate his shirt, and soon, he starve to death next to the empty creel.Another person is carrying a fishing rod continue to go hungry, hard step by step walk to the beach, but when he has seen not far from the patch of blue ocean when he was covered in the last bit of energy also finished, he can only helplessly with endless regret doing nothing.  There are two hungry people, they also received a gift of the elderly rod and a basket of fish.But they did not go our separate ways, but agreed to work together to find the sea, They only cook a fish each time they travel through the distant, came to the beach, then the two began a day of fishing, a few years later, they built a house, with their respective families, children have their own fishing boats built, and lived a happy and peaceful life.  A person only the immediate interests will eventually get the joy was short-lived; a goal will be high, but we must face the reality of life.Only the ideal and reality combine, will it be possible to become a man of success.Sometimes, a simple truth, but enough to give meaningful life inspiration.

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