8 classic inspirational story: life drawing of a leaf

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8 classic inspirational story: life drawing of a leaf inspirational sentiment: Life can not have a lot of things, but not without hope but only.Hope is an important value in human life.There is hope, there is life!  Just feel the faith, the Ministry there is a miracle, Though hope is frail, but it is forever dead.  Europe.Henry in his novel “last leaf” in a story, said: A patient lying in bed, desperately looking out the window was a bleak autumn wind swept trees.He suddenly found that tree, there is still a light green leaves do not fall.Patient wants, and so this piece leaves are gone, my life is over.So he looked at the piece of leaf all day, waiting for it to fall, also quietly waiting for the end of his life.But that has hardly ever leaves even until the patient’s body is fully restored to health, that still leaves such as jade bi.  In fact, the tree and no leaves, leaves a painter painted, it is not true leaves, but it reached a vivid real effect true leaves, who gave a patient a belief: live, as long as the piece of leaf does not fall, my life will not die.As a result, he really recovered.He walked out of the room, go under the tree to see what happens.  He stood under the tree, was touched by the painter’s intentions.  Because the artist is the only person to know the secret of his heart, he knew the painter, after waiting all the leaves fall, and then quietly end their lives.So, the painter down the patient’s mind is designed so a fake leaf.This piece is false leaves, giving him the courage to continue to inject live.

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