All I can do is to live in the moment, cherish the present one new Feifei

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All I can do is to live in the moment, cherish the present matter how good you are, and people say you are not good, no matter how much you bear, is unique in themselves, not for the cause of much progress, only willing to live sweet and warm, do not want to what a rich life, willing family health joy, a dream life, allowed themselves to a happy heart empty of people, do not demand perfection, on the matter, no demand for full, clear conscience, you do not care about the judgment of others, as long as magnanimous unselfishness no need to care about other people’s eyes, life is not perfect, happiness is not a hundred points, do not always take a gift ruler, always measuring himself, who looks beautiful again, there will be desolate, pure Chol eyes again, there will be confusion in the future then OK, there will be lost, and then a beautiful song, will be determined to mourning, do yourself, like a touch of the road of life, always has a few Goukan taste of life, there is always a bit bitter, some things, do nothing, just let it go, some people can not be forced, on the clear understanding smile.Dealings are all off, everything is always revel.Territories, do not ask causal.In the midst of the crowd around, suddenly you find that those who say that good people to join the horizon, actually had parted ways.Is there anything of real promise in this world is not changed, the new Feifei knights vertical dotted mountains and water, between heaven and earth, there will be a phase two look tired, tired heart day.So, indifferent heart and mind, their fate, so, really simple.Should the obsession can be put down, you can safely silence the.But always can not be smug, reluctant to let go, past, present and future, a better place to stay memories, keep a safe left to the future, I can do is live in the moment, cherish the present one.I believe that time will one day be able to properly place each other’s lives, new Feifei knights plus point is assigned to the most suitable for their own life.Real answers to small leaves do not know whether Enron at the.Related Links:

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