Hainan memory

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I often think of my days in Hainan! That year, when the notice arrived at home, my trip to Hainan began. When you go to Hainan, you need to take a bus to Guangzhou or Zhanjiang before changing trains. After traveling all the way, finally that night, the boat passed through Qiongzhou Strait, and Haikou was the other side of the sea.. Standing on the deck, blowing the sea breeze! The sea at night! Mysterious, broad! The wind also smells of the sea! My heart silently reads: Haikou, I’m coming! ( 1 ) Our university life is really a wonderful trip! When I first arrived in Hainan, I couldn’t stop looking left and right. The coconut trees on both sides of the street set off the sun! When they arrived at the school, they walked around. The school area was not large, and it was not long before they turned over all parts of the school.. Three years of college will be spent here. Before we came to school, we imagined countless times what our college life would be like? Can I fall in love with the life here, can I get used to the life here! Later, I discovered that our university life was a delightful journey.! Gradually accustomed to life in Hainan, also gradually became familiar with Hainan! Slowly, with the eyes, the heart is discovering the beauty of every nuance! College life, that simple age. I think, in those green years, we had dreams and hopes! So, life is wonderful! Years, gently carved with the wind. Light; Soft. In our life, we have left behind a series of indelible colors! Red, white, green, blue, . colorful! This kind of life is complete, isn’t it? Our pace keeps moving forward, and the road is at our feet! A collective! A period of time! A journey! ( 2 ) about holiday beach holiday beach, it was only through military training and training that we really saw it. Military training, the first lesson of college life. The last item in the military training link is: training! The whole grade, long team, mighty and mighty! From school, walk to holiday beach! Holiday Beach, Close to Qiongzhou Strait. The sun, the sea, the beach and the coconut trees set each other off to form a beautiful and moving natural picture.! After three or four hours of walking, we bounced all the way to the seaside. The sea, the blue sea, makes people’s heart become broad, as far as the eye can see.! Sea water, from near to far, has also changed in color from light to deep! The farthest point is where the sea meets the sky! The heart also opened up! Coconut tree, sea, beach. The sea shimmered in the sun. When the wind blows, the branches of coconut trees sway and rustle. Tired! The class’s first activity was also on holiday beach.It was not long before classes were divided, and students were not very familiar with each other.. Organizing a class activity is a way to enhance students’ friendship. Barbecue at the barbecue garden on holiday beach. After the fire rose, we started our own work and put the food on the grill. Soon the aroma came out. The students in the class gradually became familiar and lively! It was getting dark, the sea breeze was blowing, and the sound of the sea’ swoosh’ came like music. The holiday beach under the night is different from the day. I often go to the seaside in my spare time. Walking by the sea, taking off your shoes, barefoot and walking on the beach, the waves gently brushed your feet, cool and comfortable.. Walking on the waves, looking at the sea, listening to songs and chatting with classmates, the time slowed down. Open your arms and take a deep breath! Listen to the sound of the sea! I’m like a little drop of water in the sea. The sea breeze lifted its face with the smell of the sea. The heart also floated up with it! I am also like a free bird! In the wind, through the waves! In front of nature, we are small. However, the heart can become broader! ( 3 ) Mid – Autumn Festival Moon Round Mid – Autumn Festival, a day of family reunion. Away from home, away from parents. When I first came to a strange place, I thought the Mid – Autumn Festival would be held by myself.. However, the girls who slept with each other met to go out for dinner together. At this time only to find that, in fact, he is not alone! Looking at the moon, the moon is rounder and brighter. ‘ how much brighter the moonlight is at home!’. I miss my hometown, but this is also my home – my second hometown! Don’t feel lonely because you’re away from home! There is not much reliance on living at home since childhood! I love home, but I am also very independent! At night, there seems to be a very special smell in the air: like the smell of soil, like the fragrance of leaves, with the smell of flowers and plants.! In Hainan’s Five Ancestral Halls, the place commemorating civil and military officials who were exiled to Hainan in ancient times! In those days, they were exiled to Hainan. At that time, this place was called the End of the World! Away from his hometown. Will they also look at the moon and read their hometown in their hearts? Going home became a wish. But here also became their hometown, the second hometown! Hainan is also our second hometown! The moon has hung high in the sky, but the home is always in my heart! Mid – Autumn Festival Moon Round! – Reunion! ( 4 ) the favorite literary club, the new wing literary club, which I like very much! Because it is quiet and happy! Let’s get literature lovers together! Our university life is also enriched! Without impetuosity, without noise! Perhaps, the text itself, with peace and serenity. Often discuss literature together, discuss their own views and opinions; Also often held literary activities, in which the beauty and wonder of literature were discovered. We grow up in literature, because literature brings us joy and happiness! The name of the club is New Wing: Spread your wings and fly your literary works!The new wing, always strong! With beautiful words, flying higher and higher! More and more strong! I like this club very much, and I also like the name of the club.! Words are spiritual symbols! She has life and thoughts! Take our thoughts and fly farther and farther! The higher you fly! We are a group of children chasing dreams! We fly freely, looking for the other side of the dream! There, it is a place with mountains, water and beautiful scenery! Love literature, also love community! ( 5 ) Jinniuling * * Firefly Jinniuling Park has a lot of vegetation! Taurus Falls in Jinniuling Park: A Taurus on the Stone Mountain with a foot on the ground and a head looking up to heaven. At the foot of the mountain, a clear stream of water flowed down the mountain and hung a large and long silver water curtain on the steep mountain.. From school to the back door of jinniuling park, it only takes more than ten minutes to walk. Also often go to jinniuling park for a walk. On a summer evening, stroll among them. Smelling the fragrant air is very comfortable and natural! All of a sudden, I found a flash of light in the grass. It kept flying and flickering.! Under the night, stars are lit, soft and calm! Dream like magic, flowing like light! Yes, it’s fireflies! A group of lovely baby spirits, like angels in the dark, with their soft bodies shining faintly through the grass and trees.! These lovely little elves! The life of fireflies is short. But the meaning of life may not lie in the length of time! Thoughts are as light as fireflies, fluttering with their ups and downs! What is the meaning of life? Perhaps, we are very ordinary! Perhaps, we are very small! However, the hope of life opens the door to our dreams. I use my own light to illuminate my way forward. No matter what the road ahead is, I will go all the way forward! Joy; Difficulties; Happy; Disappointment! I will go all the way forward! The meaning of life, life is endless! I buried that beautiful year in the deepest part of my memory at the end of the symbol * *! Not only is there sea, beach and coconut trees here! It is also because, at one time, we can have a really good time and experience! A chance, I came, you also came. Our mouths were humming and skipping! We met and became familiar with each other. Play together, laugh together! Gathered together and separated again! Life gathers and disperses! I looked at the previous photos with a smile. The years passed, but the memory stopped there forever! Our journey and smiles marked the years! In my heart, there is a faint loss! Leave, will not come back again.But it was an unforgettable time, and we have experienced and remembered it. We are constantly growing up! In the course of growing up, I buried my beautiful memory in my heart! The ups and downs of life gather and disperse. There will always be something we remember and miss! I often think of my days in Hainan! Memory! Years! Forever!

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