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[ Introduction ]Things are not difficult without knowing what happened. Healthy and strong people do not realize the infinite yearning and attachment of sick people to life, their understanding and interpretation of life, their longing and helplessness for life, and their examination and understanding of life..     Winter solstice.   The warm sun at noon gently basks in the body. Laziness is very comfortable. Humphrey’s wishful thinking makes people completely forget the cold in the morning..   Wandering, wandering and wandering in the city, what you see is the people who are in a hurry because of the quickening pace of life, showing the atmosphere of modern life. The viaduct made of reinforced concrete transfers the heavy traffic and shunts the traffic from south to north. Long – distance high-rise buildings stand tall and penetrate Changhong, marveling at the development of modern high technology, convincing the crystallization of human wisdom and changing the gap between ancient times with each passing day. Looking forward to the future, looking forward to and imagining the world after many years, there are ripples in my heart, and I can’t help but think deeply and extrapolate … Ah, people’s life is always spent in busy work, there are always endless things to be done, there are always endless hearts to be held, and there are always social parties and movements between people and society..   I am a sword, I am a spark, I would like to live like lightning, I would like to die like a comet! The words of action reveal ambition, and Lingyun’s masculinity gives life power. In the life of cutting the Gordian knot and expressing great ambition, I feel the joy of realizing the value of life. Think of troubles and worries as dirt, despise the trivial aspects of life, and chew the happiness brought by success to your heart’s content!   But who knows, behind the success and prosperity, how much effort has been paid, how many difficulties and obstacles have been overcome, how many pains, failures, joys and sorrows have been suffered, and how much pain and bitterness have been suffered?   The successful flower is only admired for its current brilliance, but at the beginning its bud was full of struggling tears! So, I prefer to be quiet and meditate in loneliness. Love landscape, repose in the beautiful sea like waves, calm and poetic water, explore the infinite fun of nature and ponder the mystery of life!   The spooky work of nature is suddenly enlightened by the fun of life..   It is a wonderful life that everyone yearns for and relishes. Being unhappy, humble, inexperienced, depressed and unknown is a life that people have unwilling to live in..   Looking at a person’s life, in the face of natural and unrestrained, in the face of dirty, the end is not the same? Naked, naked, full of the taste of philosophy.   Yes, life is too short, vegetation grows in autumn, withers and glows, like a colt crossing a stream, like a meteor in the sky, and dies in a flash. Don’t worry too much about everything. It is the best policy to open up a little when something goes wrong..   Only in this way can we have a healthy and sunny life and maintain a peaceful state of mind. Maybe the lucky god will always love you!   Isn’t that right?   The reality may be so.   . Ah, walking in the beautiful downtown park, on the boulevard formed by the perfect combination of nature and man-made for many years, groups of people speak softly and slowly; People exercising in the park’s lawn square are full of vigor and vitality, playing down the chill of winter and sending out the spring. The sun gloomily passes through the towering ancient trees, leaving a bleak shadow and giving people a space to think about. The steps up the stairs, extending upward, are lined with neat trees swaying dead branches in the wind, echoing the echoes of asthma, with a special interest. People who started to walk like flying have stagnated and moved up slowly after breathing a sigh of relief..   At last, I reached the top of the mountain in the park, the other mountains all appear dwarfs under the sky., with all eyes and all eyes. The bustling metropolis has tightly surrounded the lonely park. The feeling of compassion in my heart has a tragic meaning, and I regret it, but it has a bleak aesthetic feeling.!   . Ah, wind, rain, lightning, frost, snow, earthquake, birth, old age and death, are natural laws, not changed by happiness or sorrow. Marriage, funeral and funeral, joys and sorrows are human nature, valuing life, being kind to life, indifferent to ambition, unselfish in heart and maintaining psychological balance are positive attitudes towards life. It is the highest realm of life to have a heart of contentment and happiness, to refuse all kinds of temptations in life and to have a common heart to face everything in life.!   I think the most painful experience in life, the most complete should be the hospital.   In the hospital, whenever a terminally ill patient sees their eyes, he feels so lonely and hopeless, so helpless and so pitiful, and feels compassion in his heart.!   Think about life is so elusive, unreasonable!   However, their spirit of fighting against fate is admirable, their optimistic attitude towards life is enviable, and their behavior of cherishing life’s short time makes people feel precious and helpless..   The healthy and strong people do not realize the infinite yearning and attachment of sick people for life, their understanding and interpretation of life, their longing and helplessness for life, and their examination and understanding of life..   Life wants to start over from scratch, greedily experiencing every day and loving everything in life happily..   The true meaning of life is to comprehend with heart and realize with action!   Don’t waste your life, cherish your life, precious life, healthy, positive, brave, pioneering and striving for life..   . Ah, essays, casual life, natural and unrestrained life but so on![ Responsibility Editor: Yi Er[ Original ]

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