Chardonnay has been dyed for thousands of days

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Tonight’s mood was so bad that a text message sent out was like a stone sinking into the sea and there was no answer.. I strolled impatiently and anxiously from the yard to the house and from the house to the yard.   The courtyard was thickly wooded and mysteriously shaking its thin and dense shadow in the night.. Looking up to heaven, there was no star in the dark sky, like an endless black pot buckled on my head, making me feel depressed, dull and even shortness of breath. I jumped into the room as if I had escaped and turned on the switch.. Sitting in front of his desk, he picked up a book and flipped through it. It seems that I did not know what book I was reading, but saw a figure shaking inside the book.. The book was closed and the figure was dangling in front of my eyes. He looked at me gherardini as if he were asking me if I had had dinner and had read those books recently..   When I was excited to meet him, he quickly disappeared behind the curtain lit by the desk lamp.. He is catching up with me again, but I can’t find him in this room.   The day before yesterday, I wanted to write something about a painting that I can’t forget. I remember the other day, I saw a picture in the press that may be a Russian painter’s participation in the late return regulations. The picture on the picture made me think deeply for a long time, and it also fascinated me to this day.. I like the scene in the painting – under the glow of the sunset sky, Yuan Ye is sprinkled with warm orange color.. In the distance, there are mountains that stretch dimly and seem to float in the glow of the sky. The nearby trees are quietly watching the scenery under the afterglow in the warm orange hue.. In the middle of the picture, the two old men who helped each other walked along the bumpy Yuan Ye trail towards the sunset. The afterglow pulled their figure very long, and the backlighting plated their figure with a golden light.. Good warm picture, good far-reaching artistic conception.   Looking at this picture of peaceful participation in the late return regulations, all tastes welled up in my mind – happiness and sweetness, acidity and quietness, melancholy and anguish mingled with the rushing tide.   The two old people on the screen are so happy. They are holding each other together to enjoy the soothing of bright sunset glow, moisten the comforting of sweet evening breeze, enjoy the interest of kissing the sunset goodbye to the castle peak, and love to see rosy glow painted on each other’s chrysanthemum – like face.. They must be full of happiness and contentment with their smiling faces in the afterglow.. Looking at it, I seem to feel that I am the happy old woman in the picture and that he is the comfortable old man in the picture.. I wore a large red trench coat and he wore a black hat. The evening breeze gently brushed my silver hair and the afterglow gently curled his deep brow. We held hands and snuggled up in the golden sunset glow, quietly enjoying the best time of the day.   ‘ Life and death are very broad, and Zicheng said. Hold your hand and grow old with it. ‘ a clear flute, melodious in the evening breeze. ‘ Light singing night, drunk sunset haze, chardonnay all dyed thousands of days. Full of hands, Qingqu Shujuan, Qingshan Mountain in Red Sun is warm … ” Due to his enthusiasm, he began to chant poems and lyrics again … Ah, my eyes are Meng, my nose is sour and sour.. Can all these wonderful scenes belong to me?   Silently looking at this picture of taking part in the late return regulations, my heart is very sour and lonely … why, why, fate will play such a trick on people? Let me walk in the sand plain of the boundless desert all the time in the search and search of my life. I had a difficult time meeting an oasis and wanted to let my tired heart rest. but this oasis I regarded as life has already belonged to someone else’s territory – she watched the oasis warily for fear that someone might invade her territory and even a bird might fall down, and she was terrified and struggled to drive it away..   The sandstorm is all over the sky, yellow and boundless, and the storm that rolls up the sand particles is coming on me relentlessly. The cold wind like a knife is wreaking havoc on my exhausted body and ravaging it.. How can I stand such a great ordeal? I finally fell down, and the sand kept burying the gradually cold body that had fallen on the sand… On the sand dunes in the sky, a bright light came over quickly. He hurried out of the light, bent over me and held me up, calling out my name loudly . Ah, beautiful, loulan’s night – bright full moon quietly staring at the quiet oasis.. Oasis, with orange light in a small house, now flying a flute … Can this oasis really belong to me? Can I walk into the late return regulations chart? Cool evening breeze, please take my thoughts to him ..

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