A book and a cup of tea are enjoyable

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Books are the eternal fragrance of life, while tea is the source of this faint fragrance. Reading as a daily routine is also considered the best habit in human life.. It is an act of wisdom to inscribe and read books. Life is accompanied by books, treat books as friends, treat them with sincerity, integrate them into the world of books and the sea of knowledge, and make them clear-headed and sensitive..     Books are the eternal fragrance of life, while tea is the source of this faint fragrance. Reading as a daily routine is also considered the best habit in human life.. A good book, a cup of tea and a pleasant afternoon.     The tea table exudes a faint fragrance, permeates the air, meets the sunlight, smells and loves, chews the words in the book carefully, tastes them repeatedly, and is full of lingering fragrance. In ancient and modern times, China and foreign countries, all kinds of weather, most of them.     In my life, I read books and read people, increase knowledge and wisdom, travel in the sea of books, guide the country with great men, talk with wise men about ideological progress and improvement, talk with peers, talk about you and me, and talk with scholars and writers about articles, poems and songs that have passed through the ages.. Following the footsteps of historians, we will learn about ancient civilization through the tunnel of time and space, explore and discover with archaeological experts the ancient city of Hengyuan, which has been sleeping for thousands of years, and let Holmes take you to solve all kinds of mysterious and incredible cases..     You can go to the depths of history to see the changes in the Three Kingdoms, to compete for supremacy, to watch the Song Dynasty whip and punish Eritrea, and to make men difficult to return. You can also sneak up to the Grand View Garden in feudal times, sing and dance with Baodai, laugh and play, sneak into the mysterious Xixiang Pavilion, fall in love with Cui Yingying, and play a nondescript love triangle with Zhang Sheng..     And all this can be done in a spare time, build a small cup of tea, follow one’s inclinations, without too much attention and entanglement, forget the short troubles, and supplement a beautiful spiritual world, so only one can catch more happiness.!     Books are our friends. Reading a good book is like making a good friend. A cup of tea, a carefree afternoon, sitting on a cane chair by the window, casually picked up a small book and carefully read it, quietly indulging in it. This carefree and comfortable time is like the seclusion of the ancients, carefree and happy, intoxicated, contented and satisfied..     It is often said that reading is an act of wisdom, which in itself can lead us to greater wisdom. If a person can show just light pleasure and happiness in real life, then his life must be accompanied by books, so that he can live with open-minded and cheerful mood and be free and peaceful..     As time goes by, time does not speak. Life plays up in the book and ink, sending out a fragrance of soul, flowing like the cup of clear tea, which is the most beautiful trace we have left in the world..     So miss a certain period of time, a person, a cup of tea, a book, in a comfortable afternoon, this kind of follow one’s inclinations and comfortable life.     Article / toward the little main buckle; 838670737

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