A teenager in love with time

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In love with the time of the youth ■ don’t take the winter in Qiancheng as usual, Xiao Suo, lonely. The morning began to be overcast, and this color will continue into the afternoon and evening. I have always disliked the winter in Qiancheng, without the gentleness and gentleness of Jiangnan to moisten the snow.. It is not as vigorous as the snow in northern China. It is indomitable and even lonely and boring in Qiancheng.. As usual, together with the earth, I paved the picture scroll and researched the ink and wash painting, just waiting for a winter snow dance, which can be neither enchanting nor enchanting, and can make the town happy..     Before late autumn, I hid in my padded jacket early. My friend said he would dress himself up like a big rice dumpling now. What should I do when winter comes. I have been afraid of the cold and the cold for so long.. Winter is a season that makes me very tangled. If there is no snow in winter, it will be extremely lonely and lonely. In order to meet a snow, it is not necessary to be very big. It would be good if I could step on the footprints and cover them for me.. Although I get’ ugly face’ once every winter, the nose is red like a clown, ears, hands and feet are busy together, chilblain makes people itch and feel happy.. For this reason, my classmates also specially brought me ” Warm Baby” and I heard that the effect was very good, but I never dared to use it..     In the past few years in the city, the winter was lukewarm. Now think about it, there was no snow scene in my mind, and there was only a skirmish. I saw the white snow, the pure snow, and the joy of learning.. The winter in Qiancheng is lonely compared with that in our rural town, and the winter snow in Qiancheng is more lonely than that in my rural town..     In our hometown in the countryside, in winter, we don’t have heating, no heaters, and we don’t use all kinds of electrical appliances.. However, every winter, whether it’s old people in their 70s or children who learn to speak tooth and tooth, a family or a group of people huddle around the firewood and sit or sit on the floor.. This torch is not as spectacular as a bonfire party, nor is it as comfortable as heating. Even if you accidentally light eyebrows, hair, burnt soles, firewood stars will sometimes fly up and kiss you severely on your pajamas.. However, my dear hometown people like them, like to surround them in 3322, listen to their singing’ Bibobo’, pull up a daily routine next to the firewood in the open air, and the gentlemen lit a cigarette and smoke accompanied the firewood gracefully. At this time, the color of the firewood and their faces reflected each other brightly and enjoyed themselves happily..     Early in the morning, every rooster in every family met to sing. It was spectacular back and forth.. A clear and crisp sound of chicken cooing resounded through the foot of the mountain, hovering on the mountainside and echoing on the top of the mountain.. In winter in my hometown, it is usually the old people in my family who often answer the question.. If there is snow on this day, they will also say, ” The ground is white.”. Every time the children in the family heard this, a guru turned over the head of a bed and looked at the snow-white mountains and hills, grinning and giggling.. Then they all went to the open space, the open factory dam and the interesting woods.. Snowball flying, snowflakes flying, small bad children will also lead people to the tree, with a sudden shake, the man suddenly became a living snowman, but he ran to a far place to know that he was leaning forward and backward.. When I was a child, I often participated in such pomp, but I preferred to catch rabbits. As long as the snow is big enough and deep enough, take Huang and shuttle back and forth in the mountains and forests. I got the footprints of rabbits, and in the early morning covered by winter snow, rabbits who came out to hunt for food often became the dead under Huang’s lips.. I also like to find a clean piece of snow that no one has ever been to, write, draw, lie flat and walk … Ah, at that time, I will be more free. In my piece of Xue Hai, I will steer by myself and watch my figure and footprints, and I will have a good time..     The university is drawing to a close. In the past four years in the city, memories of snow are blank. Maybe this year is the last year to spend the winter in the city. I didn’t expect this snow to happen to me.. Xiao Suo’s winter brings me some sadness and sighs. I always can’t help feeling sorry for some history and past that have been turned over in such weather. I miss some people and a period of time. After all, remembering the old can only be remembering the old. The result of feeling sorry is to make myself feel more emotional and tearful..     In front of time, I don’t know whether time is chasing me or whether I am leading the time towards the sand-like years.. All I know is that this winter, I was like a teenager who fell in love with time..     In 2013. Twelve. 6.

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