Goodbye! Yesterday’s sadness

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Once upon a time, I often wondered, if one day I would never appear in your world without your news, would you be sad! But I know that one day, I can’t find any excuse to give you a word. When I don’t have the courage to write down a bit of mood for you, my heart will hurt very much! Love you, I used my life’s feelings to leave, but it was your instant decision! If we don’t see each other again, we’ll never say goodbye! I will silently wish you happiness and happiness, but I will be sad that I can’t accompany you to the end … Ah, once, in the dead of night, memories filled my mind and soul as quickly as swords and swords, always feeling so careless, and often feeling tired, tired and depressed from the heart, all happy and unhappy scenes are staged in turn, once familiar with you, once sweet past, once sweet love has already brewed into wine, drunk myself and hurt myself.! I thought we loved each other deeply and deeply, but the years let me know that it was only shallow and shallow..     The deepest and heaviest love must grow with time, but there is no such concept between us! Time tore up everything and tore up the strongest line of defense in my heart. I always thought I was a strong person, so I was wrong. My heart is so fragile that I touch the scars of memory with my hands, not with blood, but with the deep shadow of the years.. The most cordial you have ever been is getting farther and farther away from me, while I am standing at the origin of memory foolishly.!     Like me, the wound is a stubborn child and refuses to heal, because the heart is a warm and humid place suitable for anything to grow.     How far was it? I held out my hand. It was full of cold air and could not hold any happy shadow.. Only that broken paragraph stuck deep in memory. Occasionally surfaced, with bloody thorns and cold red on it!     Since when have you had some strangers to yourself? From what time, from what time, I began to be silent and looked at everything around me in bewilderment and helplessness.?     Occasionally, I will have a smile and a touch at a certain moment, and a lightness and brilliance at a certain moment, but they did not stop there, just as time never stopped for me, and as if you had never belonged to me.! What a deep wound?     Carved out the beautiful patterns in my heart! You know how much I look forward to your speech, but you are quiet and silent. You know how much I care about your well – being, but you have the heart to let me look through the autumn waters. You know my helplessness, but you make me cry again and again!     So, I also learned to be quiet and stubbornly pretend to be careless and heartless.. But you don’t know, my silence doesn’t mean I don’t hurt. If I don’t hurt, tears won’t flow!     I always bear it quietly, bear it quietly, and watch you go quietly. I gave you love and care, but you gave me all the pain! Time is telling me that you won’t care about the pain of watch, let alone cherish it.!     Finally, I forced myself to let go of my heart like a knife. Giving up waiting is the last gentleness I gave you. If you can live happily, it doesn’t matter if you suffocate in pain.!     Whether time will also slowly make you clear, some people care, some love, some remind, some remember, some laugh because of you, and some cry because of you are all sources of happiness?     It turns out that my heart is a hotel where I send my feelings, and I need to spend my whole life sentimentally attached to it.! Suddenly I realized that I was narrow-minded and selfish. How can I forget your kindness to me?     I just want you to remember that even if I leave you one day, you should smile and be happy every day.! ‘ Live the life you want, live the life you like. As long as I can keep you smiling like this, I will always bless you silently . Ah, remember. So, those beautiful memories made me laugh quietly. It turns out that life in one moment makes people feel how gray it is and how gorgeous it is in another moment.     I began to warm up a little bit, not only for the bright sunshine, but also for the dribs and drabs that you and I have experienced together. Yeah! All the prosperity is the background, plain, simple and simple. Ah, light days can also enjoy spiritual prosperity.. When you leave, I can feel your heartache, you have a helpless feeling you can’t say . Ah, you hurt, and I will also hurt! Do you know?? Your pain is magnified dozens of times in my heart and responds sharply. You know, no matter how desolate the world is, we will not be alone!     I thought I was very important in your heart. I thought you were at the end of the world in my heart. As a result, I stretched out my hand and touched it gently, and the weak link between us was broken silently.!     As time goes by, after all, you will find a man worth loving for a lifetime.I think that man will become a guitar in your happy days and play the joy of life for you. He will be a spring breeze in your sad days, gently brushing away the gloom in your heart. He will be a good teacher on your way to success, enthusiastically guiding you to the sunshine area. He will be a beacon in your depression of failure, silently driving away the haze of your heart … Ah, so I can no longer be proud of your love, and I will bless you with great relief and will never bother you again.. But I will also be sad, I can’t accompany you to the end!     Can you treat yourself well? Since I broke up with you, why did I still get scarred??   Go find what you want, live what you want, live what you like! This is your greatest happiness!     As long as you are happy with a smile, it doesn’t matter if we never see each other again. Maybe one day, I will give up writing and you too. Everything about you will be forgotten one day, in a future that we don’t want to forget but is forgotten by years.   But there is always you in my life, which is part of my growth and will never disappear! You will be engraved in the depths of my memory, imperceptibly, so that I will no longer feel dim in the face of the passing time, and thus have a memorable touch.   Goodbye!   The sadness of yesterday … may those tears that once flowed turn into the sparks of winter!!!!!!!!!

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