Don’t want to hang up the phone

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I don’t want to hang up on my mother’s phone every time I get through. It is the happiest thing in the world for me to listen to her chat on the phone, to talk about her brothers and sisters, to talk about her health and to hear her voice.. Only once a year can I ask for leave to go back to visit, two days and two nights of boat and bus fatigue, and once I go back, I feel like I am ill. But it is also the happiest thing to be sick around your mother.     To tell the truth, sometimes I feel tired and want to go to bed without even eating food when I go home from work, but as long as I have a phone call from my mother, I will gradually regain my vitality. Her chat content is far and wide, and the owner is from home.. I have read so many books that only my mother made me understand life. It was she who made me put down many pursuits and pursuits, and she made me understand how to live.. My mother is already seventy-seven years old. Every time I see her, I feel like I see an old vine, withered and yellow, turning into spring when it rains.. Her vitality reminds me of grass all the time. Because of bad intestines and stomach, I have to take medicine all the year round, but her optimistic spirit comforts me. She lives alone in a small room. In fact, I also thought that if she is allowed to live with future generations, she may not be happy, because her habits and lifestyle, biological clock, diet and so on are different from those of our future generations. She does not abandon her, but feels that it is the greatest filial duty to make the elderly live comfortably and freely. If she lives together, there will always be problems.. Mother is a stubborn woman, she is also a kind-hearted woman, but also a person who has angered the King Lao Zi and is not afraid of her. She has no culture, but it does not affect her enjoyment of happiness and happiness in life..     Sometimes I think, father died more than ten years ago, what did she live on alone. What is her spiritual pillar? She often said that future generations have something to do with future generations, and later generations only want to look at it when they want to, so how much time does she have to spend in thinking about it. She lives alone. She must first learn to take care of herself. Sometimes my sister and I often say that life is very tired and no one loves dearly in front of my mother. She said, What about yourself? You don’t love yourself, how could someone else love you? Everyone has his own life circle and things. Independence is the minimum attitude towards life. Ability independence, emotional independence, mother is really a powerful woman without limit.     Mother’s kindness is her happiness and her beauty. Every time she goes back to see her, she sees leftovers or something, and she will think about whether other dogs in the yard have food or not, so that the dog will walk a long way with its feet when it sees its mother, who also wants to pick up food for the dog with its feet in our roar.. Because we were afraid that the bacteria in the garbage can would make mother sick. But my mother was so kind that we saw that she could not pick up those things for our face. If we were not present, wouldn’t she pick them up the same way?     We gave her money, and she always saved it. She doesn’t know how she saved it. Now prices are so high, what kind of day is she living in?? I don’t know. She always said,’ I have money to use. Just take care of yourself. But I saw clearly that my mother was afraid of spending money. I saw clearly that she was happy and happy when my mother saw me giving her money.. She won’t pretend to tell lies and accept things from future generations. She is so happy, whether she likes it or not, she is very happy..     Sometimes, I think, who says money is not a good thing? I think money is a good thing. If I have more money, I will buy another house and connect my mother with me. That’s the person who gave birth to me and raised me and hurt me all my life, but I can’t take care of her. How cruel it is to visit once a year. Although my mother always said you were busy, leave me alone and I had a good time, I thought it would be the happiest thing for me to see her every day, even if it was the same as when I was a child, eating pickles with porridge..     After talking to my mother on the phone, I always hung up reluctantly. The phone was burned or turned off without electricity to finish the chat.. How I wish God would love me more and let my mother not get sick. As long as she doesn’t get sick, she is a happy old man, and I can hear her voice..

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