Birthday greetings that last for a year

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Last year, my sister talked a lot with her on her birthday.   They talked about her and me when they were little.   When I was young, my sister was very beautiful, with melon seed face, big eyes, tall figure, fashionable, and good-looking in everything. I envy and envy the ugly duckling, but I can’t help it. The family’s innate condition is good, plus the love of my parents, it is very dazzling..   I think my sister is good-looking in everything she wears. She often wears her sister’s clothes intentionally, but she does not have her sister’s elegant demeanour. In addition to disappointment, she has to send her love to books, what three chivalries and five righteousness, small five righteousness, the romance of Sui and Tang Dynasties, and so on, to accompany me through one morning twilight after another. At that time, she also likes mathematics and likes the feeling of doing exercises in silence. Therefore, in others’ eyes, I am a quiet and convenient girl who loves to study.. In those young days when I couldn’t go back, I, who had always felt inferior, followed my sister with my eyes, and from time to time secretly followed suit to satisfy the little girl’s desire for beauty and beauty..   My sister doesn’t know these thoughts, because she has no shadow in her heart and takes it for granted that her brother and sister’s heart is also sunny..   In her sister’s eyes, she loves her younger brother and sister very much. She will be the first to rush out, whether she is a weak girl or not, whether she can really fight those who are stronger than herself, she doesn’t know fear, she knows that she is the eldest brother and has the responsibility to protect her younger brother and sister. My sister in my eyes at that time, not only sister, but also a part-time brother, can shield herself from the wind and rain..   Sister took part in the work when she graduated from junior high school. With her salary, she became more qualified to dress herself up. She just took part in the work hours and long braids on her waist and buttocks, which also attracted a lot of attention. Therefore, she came very close to several girls in big braid and did not discuss the popular dress from time to time. A few people would also have a bad effect at the same time, walking in one place in order became a beautiful scenery.. Their unit is a service unit. Later, they issued an order that all employees must have their ears cut short, and their sister cut long braids, cutting off a well-known nest – side head at that time. The nest – side head is actually the current style of children, but the current style of children is not the same as that of qi qi, but the partial style of children shows the charm of girls and adds a bit of bookishness, just like the famous star Zhao Na at that time.. Later, the requirements of the unit were not so strict, and the hair should be shoulder – tied, so a more fashionable big wave was scalded. The big hair was full of movement and had its own unique style, either with a loose clip on both sides of a small hairpin or casually sprinkled on the shoulder. No matter what kind of hairstyle, it was matched with the tall figure of her sister and her beautiful face, it was very eye – catching..   Sister attaches great importance to her appearance and manner and her dress and hairstyle, so she also attaches great importance to others. In current parlance, a typical member of the appearance association, together with the young girls in their unit, is always in the age of dressing up, so she is particularly eager to be colourful, and thus like flowers, attracting many young men to find their favorite girl without incident. Sister was also a suitor at that time, and the real peach blossom blossomed, even giving her mother a little worry.. Parents all over the world, no one is chasing their daughter. worry, there are many people chasing their daughter, and they are also worried.   It is said that the marriage of mortals has long been matched by heaven. No matter what kind of mismatch outsiders seem to have, but in the eyes of the parties, there is a different weight, so there are flowers in the eyes of outsiders inserted on cow dung. There are also outsiders who seem to match each other very well, but whether the shoes fit or not is only known to the parties, so they have a thousand miles of marriage.. After several times of red line ties, in the end, sister and brother-in-law talked about love, and after several times of separation and combination, Yuelao tied the red line between their wrists.. As a result, my sister waved and walked into the city without a piece of glass after many young men broke up in blx, regardless of the lush forests and flowers outside the city..   Although married, my sister still lives at home, because my sister’s brother-in-law is a poor soldier and has nothing but a beautiful face and good literary talent.. Sister married, everything was used in the family everyday. The bookcase in my room, the desk in my brother’s room, the high and low cabinets in my sister’s own room and a set of golden velvet sofas were bought by my parents, with red double happiness cut and cross ribbons pulled, my sister’s room became a new house, and my sister completed a big change in life in this room..   After that, she became pregnant, gave birth to children, and her pretty sister was still beautiful, even though she had a paunchy belly during pregnancy, it still didn’t spoil her beauty as a woman..   On the first night of my nephew’s coming home from the hospital, I hugged him and fell asleep – brother-in-law is far away from the ends of the earth. I volunteered to be the first nanny for fear that my sister could not get a baby by herself.. At that time, my little girl made a movie. Where did she know how to look after the children? She was just afraid of getting cold and falling ill during her sister’s confinement.. Little nephew also surprisingly cooperate, in addition to eating milk and peeing all night, sleeping quietly and soundly. But I have suffered so much that I can’t take my clothes off, and I dare not sleep again for fear of pressing on children.. So for a few mornings, I went to work with a panda eye, dressed in close clothing with my sister and nephew at night. After a few days of serious sleep deprivation, my mother taught her sister how to hug her children at night, and I got a full sleep.. At that time, I deeply realized that it is not easy to bring children, the most important thing is to be sleepy.   Sister beautiful, brother-in-law handsome, the product of the combination of the two, is certainly not bad. The little nephew was fattened by the family and has a pair of skins of a handsome boy, which is very popular.. In addition, the little guy is very clever, doesn’t cry much and loves to laugh so much that his father held him in his coat in his spare time and watched the new world with only a small head exposed.. With the help of parents, the child does not have to worry about the family affairs, so her sister is still beautiful, slim and still a beautiful scenery..   This makes me very envious. My sister, who is a wife and a mother, has no woman’s weakness and self – effacing, and is no less inferior than the girls in the unit, but has added more maternal femininity.. An ordinary dress can wear on her, but it can also wear a different kind of elegant demeanour, so the peach blossoms are still burning. These make me wonder if my parents have spread all the good things to my sister without leaving me a little bit. I can’t help complaining about my parents’ partiality, an ugly duckling and a white swan. The difference is too big, too.   Even now, my sister and I are smaller than each other, but it seems like I am a sister. She is a sister. Beauty is good. Even the age can be stolen and the color of the flowers will last longer..     My sister loves beauty and is still a member of a firm appearance association.   May the beautiful sister always be beautiful, and may the beautiful sister always be happy.

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