A letter

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The nineties were my youth and my most rebellious years, and I refused to live with my stepfather and family.. So when I found an empty hut next to the kitchen on the top floor of the unit, I immediately decided to move out of the house with joy.. My mother couldn’t resist me, so she had to follow me and say to me, who was collecting bags of clothes, you don’t have any furniture, where to put the clothes, just take this yellow box with you..     There are two identical Chinese fir boxes in the house. It is very humble, but it is solid and durable. It has been bumping along with us from its hometown thousands of miles away, and countless relocations have not been willing to give up, because it was made by my father himself, saying it was for me and my sister alone as a dowry..     Apart from the bed, the dowry box became the only furniture in my platform cabin. Although humble and poor, but free and clean, also don’t feel bitter. In the month of yuan, all the workers in the factory, except the concierge and the old man, went home for the holiday.. I won’t leave because I want to stay until 30 as far as possible.     It was really cold that winter! The kitchen is no longer in use. It’s deserted. The platform is covered with thick snow. After a while of romance, I couldn’t freeze any more. I hurried back to the house and prepared to burn a water jug and warm my hands. The water pipe has already been frozen and I had to hold some snow in the jug.. Listening to the howling north wind outside the house, I became colder and couldn’t wait for the water to open, so I opened the box and prepared to wrap up my clothes.. Because of the constant burning of hot water, the cabin looks wet, but the trunk of the shirt is extremely dry. camphor balls smell dry and warm mixed with the smell of the shirt. I put my frozen hand into the pile of clothes to warm it, and suddenly touched the paper of the bottommost padded trunk. it seems that the paper is very old, old and familiar, as if it had been seen as a child. I’m a little strange. the mother who works in the printing factory never lacks paper. why hasn’t she ever renewed the trunk?? With this in mind, I opened a pad of paper, and an old light blue envelope leaped into my eyes. I took it out doubtfully, trembling to open the letter paper, and even shaking my hand when I saw the money dropped: it was actually my father’s personal letter!     When my father died, I was still young and did not seem to know the words, so this is the first time I read my father’s letter, which was a family letter written by my father to my mother. The first two sentences were: The revolutionary situation is very good. Then there are a few quotations from Chairman Mao and then greetings. The most detailed story throughout is about the purchase of a Shanghai brand watch worth more than 100 yuan. It has been repeatedly demonstrated and studied and discussed, and its seriousness is no less serious than our current purchase of a house.. I lost my heart. I want to know that my father, who did field work in the Ministry of Railways, went on family leave only twice a year, only for two weeks at a time. At ordinary times, he could only be contacted by letter. At that time, the communication was extremely underdeveloped. It took him thousands of water in Qian Shan to get a letter. How much care should he have for his young wife and three young children to express, but he actually took up most of the space for a small watch. After discussing the purchase, he paid tribute directly to it and did not have a sweet word..     I read the letter over and over again in an incredibly complex mood. I always read that the tears were blurred and every word became bitter..     The father is the most filial son in the family and the only son who eats the imperial grain. Of course, he is the only son who sends money to grandpa to support his old age every month. His salary is divided into three parts, one part to grandpa, one part to mom, and the least part is his own living expenses.. I remembered that I had followed him to his residence. One noon, after he had searched all his pockets, he did not gather enough money for lunch, so he came to me to discuss with me: Donger, dad will discuss a matter with you. Can you lend dad the money in your piggy bank?? Dad will pay you back in two days! I was reluctant, but it was not easy for me to accumulate it. Fortunately, my father spoke of credit, and in a few days he really gave it back to me as if he had given me a few more hairs.. That is to say, a 200 – yuan watch is likely to be his father’s saving for a whole year. Because at that time, the father’s monthly salary was only over 30 yuan, and the cost of living sent to his mother and grandfather was less than 10 yuan in his own hands. He had to save the money from the ten yuan cost of living, and the father who was working hard in the field could only dig oil and water from his own belly..     I kept wiping away tears for fear that the tears would wet the already thin, crisp and yellow pages, and finally carefully folded them and put them back where they were, gently stroking the wooden box over and over again, imagining my father’s appearance when he was sweating like a nail under the sun..     When I came home on the 30th of that year, I asked my mother about the watch. My mother stared blankly for a moment and said flatly, ” That watch, your father hasn’t been willing to buy it, and wrote a lot of letters to discuss it.”. Later, I bought a piece with his pension, and your brother wore it when he went to school.     Time flies by, while another ten years have passed. This year’s Qingming Festival I finally made time to return to my hometown for worship.     On the train, I put my newly bought watch on my wrist with the strap twice larger and the swinging stainless steel ring shining brightly..    And stick the watch in the ear, time ticks and clicks.     I try to let the waves of the years bypass the parting scene. Go a little further, ok, in my childhood. I saw the familiar figure of my father. He picked me up and excitedly handed me a beautiful doll. He told me to close my eyes and open my mouth, and a sweet grain immediately melted in my mouth.. . Ah

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