Ancient legacy, Huarong world

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REVIEW: I look back, the lights dim, whom no one has been willing to always wait, maybe some emotion, met staggered, already is the best outcome.Dying is not an end, but a bustling open, there is only parting reunion.    That Time is silent, remembering cloud of dust through the years, the soul of sad lonely glide Xianzhi.Thoughts overflow from the wound, the pain penetrating engraved memory Millennium.Mind, it was carved out of years of a Road shallow deep scars.Exhausting life gentle and poetic, disconsolate retrospect, who lost in the ghost town, hard to wait.Things Past, mild fleeting, old time the hair, but also the old face.Red little knowledge, only one person guarding the heart, my smile, only one person raised you and.Reincarnation ferry, graceful Qing Yin thoughts at your fingertips.Since then jealously guarding a ghost town for one person.    Sum fleeting, under the stunning painted Past, Present incomplete; Zither Love, Fu handed down a masterpiece, between you and me that the word ze interpretation of past lives dependents will remain in that between the lines, between Yin Yin wound around the life relieved.Sails had to do hard to find, only willing to bear some ethereal bonds of this world, Que dust-free string together a deep, white repair a stack of time, in the heart of Hong Jing willowy good stable.When I am in you will find a long Red, your face, please allow me engraved in my poem, shallow elegant, such as Lotus, there are thousands of miles brow, sailed the seven seas, clouds today.Mo flowers, the other side who three thousand bustling, less than your mouth frivolous, mighty force, how the enemy Chuimei you smile, I am willing to Xijinqianhua you, can you and I do – the world.    Since ancient times, spare passionate hate, chaos peach by water.Unfortunately, Luohuayouyi with the water, the water falling careless love.Shabana flower bloom sky, red incense off who pity?After I bustling, Huazipiaoling, artesian water.How many flowers scattered go, people never wait until the flowers.A dream, a love back, pain in life.How can we love and indifferent?Change one of quiet dust, Acacia broken off, but the obsession, forget themselves Red.Muttering said flowers no longer idle cell; no more sad poetry; no longer care entangled.Then, Yilou listen to the wind and rain, Dankan bonds of a dream.    A dream, a bustling, after Xie Ronghua, Harborside.I turned around to leave you, I use a lifetime to forget.Who who put the hand, who more than anyone else uncomfortable?If two people say that the situation in the sea forever, but since the king a dream copolymer.A wake, the two eyebrows, Acacia dye, alone horizon, drunk alone huan.Beautiful butterfly, butterfly fly, but the sea after all.After twists and turns reincarnation, the story sigh, had hurried retreat outside the city, at a time when you, and who pull in light arms.Jun do not know?A woman does not need Empress Dowager face, as long as a lifetime exhausting for her man.    Red Dust, three thousand Chi Chan, only one person.The vast earth, buried much romantic; red letterhead small print, untold Acacia yo; flat Zeze, undying love rain.Who write a sad poem, disturbed the silence of the night?Sylvia chapters memories into mourning.Unforgettable memories deep in my heart long, lingering do not want to forget.A dream curtain of rain, startled much of the old city of the past, when the edge to make, no need to retain, retain live just endless melancholy.When the edge of the bulk, no sad, sad after just endless loneliness.This is the fate of life in the accident, only the flowers bloom, with scattered to poly.    But earthly Vanity Fair, but the love affair of the Red.Who really to throw open the temptation of fame and fortune?Who can avoid them emotional tie him down?Sails had to do, how many people are still qingyin the old words that tie down yesterday; stranger turned around, how many people are still obsessed with that of a moon in the water flowers in a mirror.One forever, a tie with the Red Xu, who is in this life the most beautiful watch?Who affectionate, who awakened heart Yilianyoumeng?Looking back, the lights dim, whom no one has been willing to always wait, maybe some emotion, met staggered, already is the best outcome.Dying is not an end, but a bustling open, there is only parting reunion.    A Jiang Qiu stop doing mundane things, the Red dreams night to cover the evening, thousands of silk 10000 wire do not bother, skimming want to look back a smile, but the wind scattered memories.Lonely purdah longer hate, dream around the haunting wasted consider.His head and sigh, pot liquor, drunk Wandering Road, flowers also lonely, lonely style more, this free period and no poly.Homecoming, suddenly after year, because of their own life and everything, how parting?Red purple street, where it is the way home?Allure a dream, after all, nothingness, the most beautiful is indifferent.Willing, since romance is not cut, since love does not think, even if we have worth Rouchang Cheng pulls, also had no thoughts nothing to pull, all scattered with smoke, without a trace into.    Iraqis mirror, shadows of the month capacity, begin sporadic, if the earth for him, I would think of who?Magnificence wash, repair Yen blocked heart, feeling the wind with the water, I’m willing to forget who?Cycle stage of the cycle several times, helpless under the athletic, the three way river mantras sand China, the two two do not meet, wrong wrong Millennium.Thousands of years ago, a Saibei sand in the evening, as you ride the sky Young Red riding sand, I was one of a.After the millennium, a southern misty rain in the morning, you dressed in a white dress with a wet apricot rain.I was one drop.Through thousands of years, slip of the tongue for a thousand years, to live up to the golden, Dust, miss a turn lifetime.Allure a warm smile pear vortex.Just want you to look back once, you will be able to see my affectionate.    The rain, the land was barren, deserted roof, but can not barren memories of love.Although not return to the original tender, but we have met in most age of innocence, happiness youth in publicity, but also in the years of vicissitudes in separate.I hope you can meet again in the dust settled, only to confirm your happiness, see you smile elegance.Then, indifferent to leave, since the horizon passers-by, no way out.I would devoutly incense in faraway places, quietly watching at Bodhi, if you well, is sunny, no bother, is my deepest feelings.    Liuniansishui, Homecoming.This process landscape, have gathered, there are parting, and there have been never to forget.When all the dust settled in the past time, the heart of the lingering warmth only meet.I do not have to ask what will be the outcome of the story; do not go to tangle how much love buried in the bottom of my heart.Red noisy, I would like to do a Susan person, not involved in too deep of water on earth, only willing sitting in a corner, with the flow of things, standing outside the elegance, the Red Dankan story, look forward to a peaceful.Only willing to treasure this way Xiangxi feelings and joy.    Earthly met, such as fireworks silence.Susan who write poetry, the past life of downtown, this life of Luo Ji Yin into the leaves are on the ground floor Qingshuang!Red purple street, edge to edge to, who, in my brow carved weathered, made me sigh alone?Who planted sadness in my heart, but I keep from crying dark?How much light melancholy York into resentment, how desolate the completion of Flower Mound, how much parting form of Tears, the number of wait cemented Acacia.So time wandering in the fingers, entangled into a beautiful landscape, after all landscapes, lonely smoke, melancholy cleared.Once the storm, Montreal Canhong.Wet floral, dash of sadness, but since the impermanence of the world.    Blossom, is the voice of a season gone; Yunjuanyunshu, is a passing emotion figure; costal, is a passion flow through the years.Time never experienced pain, how bitter experience of the vicissitudes?Never mess with black hair, how fleeting chaos.Who Keeper heart forever?Who is willing to pull a hand, through the marshes?Love, pain and cried, laughed, sufficient.On earth, there are many stories daily ups and downs, there are many ups and downs mood, after all the clouds downtown.Huakaibubai prayer, I only hope that this life of quiet good time, I am with you.    QQ: 632260657

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