– like to talk about love, no need too seriously

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You aloof I worry about the outcome I could clearly feel you farther and farther away from my side one could not say if it remains in the bottom of my heart I think you’ll understand but you really do not understand a simple but I love you together but you do not understand no matter how hard I just vain I simply want to live each day to live well every day I try to tell myself that even if a person should take over, but you get used to those things, I have to own one strong.Oh, back to his a person’s life, although everything is decided to do my own, I do not blame anybody but themselves to, I tried, but still come to an end.Ironically, more than once said it is committed by the wind, and I do not want to not go to record everything without purpose and mood, because there is no necessary.I’m not sad, not sad, but there is a little unaccustomed.This thing really terrible habit.I really think it is not I do not love?I do not know, the problem may be a mystery.But now there is no need to tangle in some of what the.Suddenly really want to drink and wanted to smoke and wanted to cry and wanted to be relieved.Finally, I can use only one sentence instead of all.Honey, you do not understand my love for you, and you do not know me, some people forget that certain people more and more profound.Love to the bone, blood to hate.We do not have more than sweet, no more romantic, just two hearts fit, tell each other we love.But we were wrong, and wrong.To love is just like talking about it, not too seriously.What we do not have to leave each other, when is the last time we ever rebellious right.I hope we can grow, the world has given me a lot of insecurity, so I had to learn to protect themselves.Maybe I hurt someone else, but I was hurting myself, because I have pain in.Heart some muffled, I miss my love, all gone, the people that I love.You go to that?You can not leave me alone lonely fear?I just want to live in their own little world, alone and happy, to feel their own emotions.Whole life has become a bubble, I do not need.No noise no trouble, does not mean I’m superficial!Once again, I wish you happiness.I use the most is really the heart to treat men!

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