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Thoughts finally retired and sit, Yoko combing thoughts, because normally busy no time to think of the people, one by one come to mind in which a person figure accounted for most of her brain, lingering.    The last ten years he also occasionally met with her, did not have only syllables as he may pretend, she was like a frightened rabbit fled in panic.    Last night he fall asleep to, Yoko could not help but think of the words of a colleague, “who dreamed of, shows you who is thinking.When “Does he also recently idle down, finishing the feelings of the title page, perhaps occasionally think of her, actually broke into her dreams.    Yoko nineteen years old that year, when a fellow party known him, she felt his eyes somewhat strange to see her, she deliberately avoided.Later she graduated from college dispatched to remote rural hospital, life monotonous and boring, with only a bedside book as partners, once ideal in the face of reality seems to naught, this long country road I do not know when to come to head she lost the pain, struggling whenever reciting “the road is long Come, happiness and earth”, she could not help the tears oozes.    In another year, Yoko gnawing self-examination of the books want to regain dream, strivers, the hard, happy with it.One day, a letter floated to read, the words “sent from Teachers College” on the envelope, he found out Kai letter to the line, the letter Yoko hot words, to make rapid heart beat, cheeks flushed, reading the letter, she discount on stationery hastily put it into a drawer, lest it come out, and filling them a plug, in a tone of disdain and said to himself: “it’s puzzling!”We arrived in the autumn, the fields around one of the busy scene, agricultural people while harvesting crops, while Shaanxi could not help but roar few times, each convey the joy of harvest.For our sight, glistening waves of grain, green grass, grasshopper Ming Fei, birds chirping, running sheep, horses neighing Yoko enjoy the appreciation of the autumn of this village, no longer lonely heart.At this time, he was assigned to teach high school in the town after graduating from school, she walked into her vision, she loves literature, he got a lot of love for literature, she likes to read the article, he added a few words from time to time own words, make her laugh.Bar newspapers and magazines express love poems sometimes live clips and sometimes cut down, added to her book whenever she could not help eyebrows when opened the book and perhaps vanity at work, afraid that Yoko countryside paths come to the stage first, country corner of arrest caught all of her dreams and he is just a high school teacher, he can take her out to do?She contradictory, hesitated, refused the one day Six months later, Yoko decisively to break up.It was a long talk, let Yoko still unforgettable, he begged her to stay, he wrote her a poem so much, a full one, he opened read to her, began to read, he Yanmianerqi · he stepped forward to hug her, but she pushed, out of his dorm, out of their love a long night, Yoko consider alone, after a sigh ? .Maybe he really loved him Is the world really love?Stay or leave?After Yoko hesitation, categorically decided: we must break free of the fetters of feelings, to leave the backcountry.    Six months later, Yoko after some effort, removed from the township hospitals, into the county.Soon, he should hurry to get married with a colleague, the second in the summer, he becomes a father.Hearing this, Yoko inexplicable heartache, but forced himself to forget, she believes the time is the best medicine one, who will go through the pain of treatment time, gradually recovered.    Yoko seemed dreaded to hear his message, to the provincial capital battles, although strange fast-paced city life, so she did not have time to sort out their feelings, but that can not be forgotten or have forgotten.These days Yoko finally retired and sit, she felt alone can not breathe, especially looking forward to make their feelings homing.Looking at yourself in the mirror no longer blooming, Yoko some regret his choice, if time could go back, let her choose, she would stay in his country and stay together, this is a life now difficult for her happy.    Desire engulfed happy Yoko should have early.With a career woman, you had to have a pain in their men, considered to find happiness in life.Yoko sometimes wake up at night and think about their own pursuit of these years, turned out to be nothing like that, nothing seems to have not found her reason to live, but she had to be strong to live, journeying waiting, because she always believed there will always love her and cherish her a man appeared, a “dream to find ‘her’ thousands of Baidu,” the man in the dim light

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