Allure of years, Waterloo Bridge

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Ancient faint feeling, the Millennium cloister, with a promise of spring, plunged into the landscape of the Red.I spent the prime hand twist through the glass nib rendering moonlight through the old trees and sparse, elegant Looking back on the depths of the ancient fleeting.Red lofty, Love PASSING dream Xiaoxiang at a misty rain, dust stained idea of mind, love of scattered clouds.Acacia crescent cooking wine, Liu Xia finger of repose, drunk red solitude of mountains and rivers that.Thousands of miles Lakeshore, Red Wave, I think the soul appropriateness place.    A paper Su Jian, v Canmeng, Banzhan lamp in, for whom Sujian pale ink drunk, Bliss write fleeting dream.Millennium Review residues West Side, Hundred Years of Solitude Loneliness.If you ask for whom this life crazy, paragraphs Xinyu desolate v..Love goes, love has been injured, whose pen and ink, every now and then in the fleeting, sad Whose window of heart?Looking back thousands of years, but not now that I do not know already face.Wandering alone in a solitary cold moonlight, pondering yesterday’s attachment.For v, untold kindness, freely their opinion, the words could not finish dead desolate.Yang sky, with whom to ask?The flowers fall, monopoly End of the World, only a solitary shadow, only sigh feel then?Dreams such as floating, Review of the Millennium, dreams dim, still see Seduction dancing, dancing shadows get.For sigh, love to the depths, love is silent!Moonlight is poor and sad as I sleepless.A lonely, a pillow tears.Only to see the infinite sadness, loneliness come a century.Whom drunk?    Who, in the haggard face of falling?Who, in the fleeting love aground?Who forgot to Sansei III agreement?Who let Canmeng gradually dying in the memory?Who is so lonely swaying into a bone-deep cold thin?Who, so beautiful petals scattered into residual time with the lonely deserted?Your loving and careless sum, bury me in the waiting.Light passing through the years dark, memories monopoly, finally, not keep for years.There are always freeze the picture in your season, back Sentimental, for a new face, still so clear, I Juyi Peng tenderness, but in exchange for the biting cold.Curved Hanyue, listening to endless sound of sobbing, a piece of paper Su Jian, write endless pathos from the War.Around each have your day, feeling like Ashes to Ashes, a touch of residual Xu Qing, leaving behind empty.Wind season, blowing cold last attachment, I was careful carving picture quietly curly, you look across the line of poetry, you have to wade travel, more and more blurred figure.Reclining window Xuan, hope, Guyan only shadow, listen, tears wet Chunshan, sigh, shallow edge of the Red.Crumple one place red beans, scattered, scattered.Dust thing, curl smoke, swept over the cycle, charming tone poem in the wind.By a stack of powder pad, four ink fragrance, Red dip, containing fragrance drunk, a loving quan anxiety, whisper clear Huan.A re-landscape a heavy day, but I do not know End of the World Today is a normalized year and what day?For v shy tears, stained wet brow bent in a dream, a thousand times Looking back, read your poems rhythm far, read you the years the river lingering affection.I do not know, this life if you have remembered my long black hair Unai?I remembered feeling distant West Side strings?Exhausting life, for whom heart pain?Take It, sweet smile, no Qinglei cooking wine drunk.Misty rain falling, a Su Yi Qiu, a tenderness, has ushered in a hurry you rub shoulders too.None of gathered, reunion harder, graceful Melancholy, diffuse through the clear water and long days, then branded thoughts engraved in the heart, just like water thin manure dream Huan.    Sansei fireworks, a look back, a period of past lives edge, perhaps already foreshadowed hit.I love you with a moment of time, have a lifetime of time to forget.Who met you first look at your fleeting?I remember who wins the snow white Love in the time of old?Review of Yen Ching that cutesy who dusty Millennium waiting and waiting?Who and who meet life afterlife?Who and who accompanied ends of the earth, this life can not hide the Red, light can not destiny.Millennium tarried only for this life to meet, I would like to be past life of 500 times Looking back in exchange for this life to meet with you, I would like to be soulful and so I used to know each other in this life with you, I would like to Sansei III infatuation with your life love.I have been wandering in the dim light of the millennium, if you meet an act of God, then I am willing to Enron’s fate in this, the fill of all the joys and sorrows, just to be with you this in a stunning encounter.    Who enforcement flute tube, blowing pain Past and Present?Reverberation curl, a shake off the melancholy.Looking back at any arbitrary silent emotions flow in the heart.Outside the bustling three thousand, plain skirt dancing, alone under the umbrella handle south.Light Tan Yu-thin figure, whom wind Lu Li Zhong Xiao?That a romantic, stay in the side of the bridge falling clouds.Does anyone remember?I’m your past life of bride.Just want to snuggle beside you forever.Sigh, how much dying finish Zanko?Who has touched a chord?Who hurt heart?Staring at a leisurely affectionate bears in lopsided in.Charming ups in Luanhong, the hundred thousand turn back, innumerable twists and turns.The dust of years, haggard face lonely.Dressed in long sleeves, Qingshu the emotion of sadness.A dream Allure, lonely drunk Seduction.One from the song, off the plum side flute rhyme.Que rhyme a word so graceful, inlay trimmed with endless Acacia.If the bonds of a dream, after all pale who end of time?    Hurried past, little tears, there is always a yearning holding a chord, there is a wait is always so helpless!The world of obsession, but also a sad.Embrace each new year, shadow Flower in the Mirror, for whom red?Water moon, for whom cotton?Love leaning evening twilight Zhao Zhao, a twist Bliss, chaotic fleeting.Persevering, the Red dream, I hate to empty.Vicissitudes of white temples, no matter how many youth run to, how many Acacia shed, still do not come, you broadened my sleeves block the wind and rain I.Sansei stone, carved in relief, resettlement nowhere thoughts, turned into rain lingering Resentment, wet circulation millennium dream lover!The other side, blossom cycle, open millennium, bustling vicissitudes, down Millennium, purple street desolate, and finally escape the melancholy!This shore, a hundred thousand turn back from the people, gather a hundred years, because of the causal situation, scattered a hundred years, the edge of life and death, can not escape the final two vast!If there is no infatuation does not regret, will not forget this life?    Mo Red, lightly traveled all the way, meet amazing how much, and how much pain parting?Looking back to when the road, who tears and James skirts?Care through the heart, who want to read moist?Light closed eyes, once beautiful seems like yesterday.I look back, you do not have lights at Lanna Shan.Those who have in the palm out stunning flowers, once the end of time, the end is a dream about the yellow beam.Years always relentless take away some of the good, then let us miss.Perhaps the bright earthly, leaving the former fragrance between blossom.When you encounter the edge of flower smile, it is my most beautiful years after ink Dan.So, we should meet, do not ask a robbery or edge.If you know, I will have no regrets.    Su-flow days, the parasol tree I daydream look, you know, there is another light love paradise beyond that Yu Cang.Gray night, Wang Jin End of the World, who croon in that month?Allure a dream, dark dash War, as promised charming, ask a blooming smoke condensate, a fragrance Allure Millennium.Ruiai dense, moon looming, Dan Mei Huan snow, brush off a clever chords, piles quiet rhyme, written in the ancient tenderness at the moment of a snow flap.Qiongying look tired by the window side, who poured a total of heart word?Oh hand try plum makeup light cream, stroking a delayed giving, listening sparse fence misty rain sing Toru Zuihua Yin, Man bearish Kung playing days but Feng Xiao Yin.    Flowers are blooming, who enjoy singing in the depths of the years?Falling leaves, who lightly twisted strings of Acacia in bluestone road?When the rain falls, who gazed at the window alone?An Acacia, Xianchou, only knew.Some wounds, no matter how long, still sore; some people, no matter how long, or think it is a pain.Out of hand, lonely dash, dash of sorrow and grief, frustration dash.Hurt a soul, heart pain, forget the love.Who does not know who put a hand?Who more than anyone else uncomfortable?Looking back, the original, the origin edge off all torture.Vows still in his ears, people have scattered horizon.Who’s Who Geshi away empty sigh?Because of you who listen to the flowers?Who fleeting for me and mild?Who in the heart outline the kindness of each other?Memories through the years of smoke and dust, the soul of sad lonely glide Xianzhi.Thoughts overflow from the wound, the pain penetrating engraved memory Millennium.Mind, it was carved out of years of a Road shallow deep scars.Exhausting life gentle and poetic, disconsolate retrospect, who lost in the ghost town, hard to wait.Through the fleeting vicissitudes, will miss wrapped in dust, the leaves into boundless drizzly, growing up with trees, along the cycle in the years to come, long drink millennium, silently waiting.Red tempting silent heart.    When the number of dead at sea rotten stone, slowly taste; shortage in the number of days when the old, slowly wither; how much sea oath in Union Hill, the slowly slip of the tongue; how much of life and death when co slowly fail.I still remember that year I played in Malaysia and had Shaohua, accidentally see you shake off the pond of a curtain mind, from now on, you Allure gentle, you love me Half a displacement.Handle go sky, watching downtown Montreal.Moon kiss Reeds, Wu Peng where we see drunk fireworks.However, red hubbub, I flash bustling empty, tears into the tens of thousands of heavy Yanbo, under the old flowers off, but this fly butterfly points.Jinxi evening?You have a stranger.I insisted on paper umbrella broken bones, on the other side waiting for you again, but unfortunately that is the final season of bloom, this life flowers.Had to do a thousand sails, a person’s elusive, a person’s day and night, a person Shaohua dumping negative, guarding the commitment that you have do not care, guarding lonely life after life.Looking back on burning the midnight oil, if there is no snow on the wind took the old, how can this time horizon Si Yi.    千年等一回, I do not know you so I thousand years, I still wait for you millennium?Also, or we have to wait another thousand years.I would like to ask: Thousands of years ago, if you look back?I would like to ask: After thousands of years, do you yearn?Looking back thousands of years, it was doomed to meet life in the dim light, but it is a fantasy dream.Thousands of years ago, you are a bird, I’m clouds.Years later, you are the water, I was falling.Looking back on the fate of today has become helpless War.World’s reincarnation few, cure my drink, and after athletic, face life not reproduce.You’ll forget my brow, I’ll forget your face.Looking back thousands of years, in exchange for life’s little worry, you fall on my brow, I smile from hard Shu.Now, you left, I right.    Dream Whispering, come to an end.Tanwan fleeting, but I do not know how much of your life to be back, I love to dream, etc..From drinking a toast, past wounds still aching.Once upon a time you say: I am your thousands of years ago playing off the strings Flanagan, after thousands of years of reincarnation with the warmth of your fingers, to meet with you, not for the luxury segment, just ordinary warm.Once upon a time you say: You are my past life unintentionally lost lotus Five hundred years ago, King and smile only bloom Allure.Once upon a time you say: Weak three thousand, just take poured drink of kings, to open tea millet, live this life.But now, Wang Jin sails where is the final heart Miao Miao, such as fog suddenly, ten years between life and death.Gazing at that lopsided figure will go where?Who will be the person who owned this life?    Millennium love, I bustling, Yisuoyanyu, drunk Red.Refers to a quicksand, hastily cast a touch of sadness; skimming fleeting, mountains and rivers never again be attributed to a lonely.Weak three thousand two vast, this time the heart, several times melancholy; tears trekking to pieces, his eldest, with several heart-breaking!Hold hands once desolate years, recalling some of the most beautiful soul-stirring.Those with lingering sadness was removed in Phoenix stage singing dream desolately.How much easiness to swallow shadow, how many joys and sorrows have changed.Some wait and see, is bound to be on this side of last night, some waiting, is bound to be the other side of the past.Kuse strings, always sounded in the cold seasons of quiet twilight.Hong Ying sleeves contaminated romantic, swaying willow green fireworks River; Weak bosom with over twelve railing, Qifenglengyu injury of flying dream language.A blue tie word outline heartbreak, pain that it hurt, no one can understand!Once you chase a flourishing downtown; now, I still hurt the city in memory of loneliness.End of the World monopoly, can not carve out once Wanlv thousands of silk.After thousands of years of time, but also do not brush the dust Millennium.Instant youth, unable to retain water also can not hold the wind; the peach shirt, printed with that of tears still falling past life.Xiao Yin fireworks from the time tempting mountain stream in the string has been broken.    The depths of the Red, look back to the horizon, lute flick, Think of the phrase faint, fleeting Who Is Negative?Do not brush is too much sorrow, not the fall that drops Tears.Years that touch of bright red dotted the I, the Spring and Autumn; a bunch of fireworks that streamer Tasui Chanafanghua.Past life, you are my miss myth.Broken Bridge, Qing Yin, Fallen City.This life, you are my eyes tear, a dream Ying, Lethal, withered love.    Mo fleeting, who for whom gentle years,?Who whom stunning of the time??Staring at who’s who in affectionate?Who’s Who in the fingertips Juan Juan?Dust, and so you thousand million set, but you never come back.Dust, you hope for generations to come, but you had not.Injury, full of pain, full, pain polyethylene, of dust.Bodhi tears, Qinglian snow, such as a drunk students for whom; about a hundred years, and finally lost to the vicissitudes of this Kaita.A heart sounds, wash away the dust of the earth.Ray of the souls of flowers, a beautiful sad drunk.One encounter, run to a mountain stream.An idea dedication, love of life and death with different hole.Spring creamy, pour a dash to Rouchang.Xianzhi Red, thousands of the world into mourning cycle.Willing to have a heart, the first white phase from the.Listening bloom for you, run to wait for thousands of years.Looking back, the flowers the other side, Xue-Hai Hong Man.    Once thought to be concealed in past years, will be fleeting wind blew away the merciless.Looking back at the moment, suddenly we found that some people had already once into the heart of the marshes.At the corner of time, a reunion, like a dragonfly point out the quiet lake, ripples.Then throbbing feelings, then green days silent, open flowers from Xie, at that nostalgia, I have been bursting into an apex Painting, no demon not pro, naive old Cang.Knowing secluded grove, the wind had ears, incense around the shoulder, but you know, the wind thousands of miles, warm strikes?That night, sitting lonely cool, always focussed thinking, a warm, sweet lips in flower.Yanjuan, with any mind flowing moonlight.Only wish you, I promise warm and walk away, deep Mouguang, consonance circulation.Until you my gray hairs, face old age, you remain so, take my hands, gently tilt the world.It turned out that in the past has been the long river of memory, the faint fragrance.    Amidst the deep, a thin pillow blue dream alone.Who brush, dipped in moonlight, the other side of the Mekong water to render a touch of blue, sparse delicate light smoke, muzzle waterside small courtyard, also live in a cage Wang dyed blue thoughts, clouds dispersed, and gather those deeply shallow light blue, then concentrated yet light, very light anti concentrated.But recalled that year, under the same Blue Moon, dressed Pathetic beyond the long and arduous journey from and to the horse, from the dust, bamboo roll, too late to lift eye of surprise, in the chords of the Water and the quiet, draw a wave of light chatter, light blue little splash, on plain white skirt, irises and orchids gradually open.Moonlight knock window into the room, the candle shadow to dance.Ryoka mirror Mouguang circulation, flushed a tie graceful, but Dai Mei describe strike back, smiled and asked no fashionable shades?Under peach comb, hair Rubao, Haowan light lift, York Lvbin heap cloud, between a jade hairpin hairpin, leisurely, shaking off a whispering soft words.Xiao Sheng Jian from the depths of Jia Lu came riding, voiceless long, dyed a party around May Su Jian, a stroke, a book dedicated to warm, clear Huan Yin times.I think this is a, but I do not know, full moon, the moon several times, the palm of the time, such as the hourglass to do, until the time of Piao, Yao has Pathetic.As the years run over by Song rhyme over and over again, the pain is not only looking forward.Light blue dream language in the erosion of Resentment, fade day by day, whenever the moon rising, choking sounds Blowing Homecoming lost, sad cemented frosting, one begins to climb black hair, old mirror in arched brows.Casa if the cold, cold letters in the Parting, silent rhetoric not describe a barren city.The layers of folded Kam book, pay and soot, just after the Blue Bird to sleep, but with tears wash the old year.After this went on, when the sun and rain to pull away the last vestiges of light blue, white dreams appease disappeared the dull pain.There slanting oblique escape into the window, books and swayed idle, lonely in between the lines, there is some point circle of warmth, fine garments.    Open the dusty doors, before we know, returning to the dawn sky became pale gold quenching.Light boo breath, eyelashes Xi move when the dream has landed lightweight, placid.Xiao Yin renewed, Volume snow pear tree, into a mound, buried the injury in January, and the cold midnight.Looking up, sky blue; Dimei, blue sea.Ying cut a wisp of blue weave dreams in the morning light, decorated Ning Xin stray clouds and waves beneath pure, white on blue dream Pa, no wind, no months, no resentment nor anger, from Enron filled with earth.    Who whom I, Attachment, who for whom sleepless nights?Who love whom folded scrolls?Who this crazy ink splashed on the landscape?Great Wall Road, high mountains far away, not meditation practice, just for you near; Zen is not Buddha, just as you know.I think, Juyi Peng West Lake water to wash away your tired; I want to grip a touch of spring sunshine, warm you thin cold; I want to, and you row the boat, tours Cui Liu, I grow; I think : Red drink with you drunk, dependency go hand in hand, Yin on a broad and death deed; I think, turned into a butterfly habitat Jun shoulder, day dance for you, I want to be with you in a paper umbrella, the breakdown of the old south stone steps, with a steady period of time.Chunhuaqiuyue, have you, I will not be lonely fleeting.    Vertical roll style, Acacia sum run, the turbulence of the Red, Manuscripts Dan, untold thousands emotion roots, single roll of thin paper, old world express endless Melancholy.Long Red Road, I displaced the enemy where is that?Xiu Cheng pulls dream, drunk life margin, you Looking back, my reincarnation, that I Jiangnan misty rain, my soul has been buried today.Long night, you quietly spread melancholy, endless desolation Elegy in everything in crooning, a Tongrugusui from the War, scattered into a desolate place of sadness, can not give up dreaming, to see through the heavy puzzle, covered the vagaries of the mundane.    If you can, if you will allow me to accompany you to handle thousands of years, you let me Rainy umbrella?If you can, I would laugh at me pour the change I pity you, accompany you black hair dye cream.A Red from the song, but to draw a poignant fragments, when I look back, stop-go years.It could be worth a lifetime to keep love?Still love, hope you smile bright; like, you see Yi Mei fluttering.See you cast all your style, crazy heart, but no to extricate themselves.And you, if I know deep Acacia?This life, if I’m with you, then my heart will grow barren fields it?And you think looks torn keep, and his words are not from the War, persevering, you and I the other side of this distant shore, looking, vertical love I had all the answers, but also missed the meet this life.Speechless, I tearful.If, Red is a dream, I would like to sleep in a dream Millennium, and never wake up, you sing a love song, quietly spend, Shengsixiangxu.    A meet, two remote hamlet, after all, Mo lost not forget the sadness; a compartment horizon, two-phase speechless, after all, will no period to pull off.Bustling three thousand, who is no right and wrong; come to a close, who no-fault.If you rub my shoulders, was never meant to, then this life is to meet gives me a fantastic heartbreak.It turned out that you, the end is my dream piece of marshes.One of the concept, become a memory; a wait, is forever; season flowers, and finally to be scattered; a persistent idea, and finally to put down.Swaying in the hearts desire, illusion rife, fall into rain, and finally to disappear.Floating soul, alone guarding the share of misty memories.Rub shoulders with the crowd, missed the only road is still accustomed to the dim light of a person.Packed up leaving no traces and dusty horizon exile, left alone in the world vast world.Today, wind Xiao cold water, high mountains far away tomorrow, if only shown signs of life, you and I ever destined.Youth passed vegetation damage, it is fleeting like Enron.Now leave, will no period.Past and Present, Allure of years, Waterloo Bridge.

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