Executive fleeting words spring roll

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Fish – wayward out of the water, only warm breath of the sun.- Inscription autumn season, blew away the leaves scattered on the roadside, carrying longing for spring, with the advent of winter quietly and gradually attributed to silence, and the cloud pond landscape began to precipitate such a time in that to my initial impression, street lights mixed with the displacement of the rainy season, the loss of the rainy season began writing a winter puddle of nostalgia.    Long days, the wind is still daunting.Walking in broad cement road, lined with trees, and giving a sound point, after another lapse like that depleted “Mountain and Flowing Water” as desirable.However, this kind of weather I was a little uncomfortable, after all, growth in the South, I have become accustomed to a warm climate, soil temperature Xiang, it seems like there is always a way out.So that often so I am particularly afraid of the winter here.    Instant, time began to spin in the palm of my memory, there have been rare in December to a bright sunny day.Cold began to occupy this place.Yun Tong trees have begun to take off the last layer of yellow clothes, leaving only the dry branches and leaves swaying in the wind, with the rhythm of winter began to slowly die out.Perhaps, they did not die, but next to a temporary shape to meet a rebirth.    Campus along the trail, walking in this winter landscape, always kind of sense of emotion in my heart.Vaguely between people kind of sense of nostalgia.The crowd looked everywhere, in the crowd continue to flock to a place, in an instant they flock to the other direction.My heart suddenly kind of sense of touch.Perhaps, life is such a form, while we continue on our way, we are also constantly looking for direction.Sometimes, into a city, sometimes leaving..    I remember I do not know where to start, I began to like the fish, its attitude always make people feel pity.Because it is a world where water is the only source of its existence, compared with the fish, we Queshiruci lucky, removed to go into nature and, at the same time continue to learn, but begin gradually learned greed, and more.So that the youth of mud and algae delay unable to extricate themselves, in the end the wasted time, paler fleeting.    Winter cold, has always been a bone-chilling cold.For this reason, people often are constantly complaining about the mundane surroundings.For this scene, I do not have a sense of exultation more than.Because in my opinion, life was not easy, not to mention natural.Passage of time, we can not dominate, but we can at least grasp of youth.    Clouds Lake rippling dash of shimmer, to the cloud pond coated with a thin layer of clothes the night.It came out from the library, into this quiet night, the wind got into the clothes, a trace of cold suddenly attack on the heart, but this time the mood is full of happiness.However, looking at this night, after thinking about several days, will be leaving the cloud pond, whether the beauty of that time will be reserved?    The Mayans had predicted that 2012 will be the end of the world coming days.But look now, it is so absurd to do.Perhaps the truth is often not in the prophecy itself, but rather our own.    The legendary end of the world has passed, 2012 will become history, and we will also be eager to spring As the years passed, quietly come to our side.In fact, life has always been a sad picture of spring, while we Narrations, why care about the color irrelevant.True, simple life is the most essential thing.Sometimes, we are always concerned about losing things, so we desperately to remember, to pursue.Do not know, in our time already dying away from us, but do not know to cherish the present is the most important.    Executive roll spring, then fleeting, in the wasted years gradually learn to cherish.The attitude of the fish to pursue their own life, so this winter is no longer cold.

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