Executive fleeting words spring roll

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Fish – wayward out of the water, only warm breath of the sun.- Inscription autumn season, blew away the leaves scattered on the roadside, carrying longing for spring, with the advent of winter quietly and gradually attributed to silence, and the cloud pond landscape began to precipitate such a time in that to my initial impression, street lights mixed with the displacement of the rainy season, the loss of the rainy season began writing a winter puddle of nostalgia.    Long days, the wind is still daunting.Walking in broad cement road, lined with trees, and giving a sound point, after another lapse like that depleted “Mountain and Flowing Water” as desirable.However, this kind of weather I was a little uncomfortable, after all, growth in the South, I have become accustomed to a warm climate, soil temperature Xiang, it seems like there is always a way out.So that often so I am particularly afraid of the winter here.    Instant, time began to spin in the palm of my memory, there have been rare in December to a bright sunny day.Cold began to occupy this place.Yun Tong trees have begun to take off the last layer of yellow clothes, leaving only the dry branches and leaves swaying in the wind, with the rhythm of winter began to slowly die out.Perhaps, they did no