Edge to, not a dream

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[REVIEW] and “Baling Petrochemical News” came together this decade, I gain many of the truth, I also paid a myriad of truth.I hope that, with its fate as Qinglie Paradise streams, flowed end of heaven.  Fate of the word, is very delicate, and sometimes scarce.Margin between people, may be related to family, love, friendship has a great relationship; and the edge between the people and things do?Is helpless and chaotic, people or surprise or melancholy or linger or long for, taste is putting forth.    Speaking of my fate and between “Baling Petrochemical News” intertemporal a long time, it has been in decades.This decade, sometimes with affectionate love it intended to grow cotton, and sometimes also deemed Junzizhijiao light water, whether or Everlasting love light, enough to fill the gap in my mind that at the tiny, soft, warm my heart.    As the indifferent nature of fame and fortune not very concerned, more worried after the hustle and bustle that “fame” disturb my serenity, I used to be killed in order to contribute the newspaper refused to publish diehards.As a lover of text, although this affair for a long time, there are many articles girlhood get a teacher or a friend’s praise, but I only dare, “smiling”, the prose writing as a kind of statement of pleasing leisure, only to amuse or share with friends around him, from the reluctant submission.Even later in the campus literary society fish jump Xiang birds, I still can not listen to persuade a friend to try to newspaper or magazine articles.Though I was very fond of “Baling Petrochemical News,” especially love to see the newspaper prose, but never thought that one day his prose can also be published in the above.    Mid-1999, when I tried many times to persuade contributors were denied, and an old classmate kindly allowed me to communicate with an essay cast for “Changling” magazine, and published only after proudly call this.Face lift is still dealing with the old school, I should have been angry, but at the time my heart just grateful, how to complain?He must be very clear that I do not make progress complacent nature, you know me so opinionated person must take drastic action to open the heart of defense, to receive miraculous.He sent me back to that issue of the magazine “Changling” and bade me good collection.    At my request, my husband helped me to print out some of the previous exercises, organized into books.To encourage me, he several times put into the “Baling Petrochemical News” in 2001, will be part of the article, there are actually quite a few consecutive “winning”.See their efforts into a type, the kind of joy is self-evident.At this point it felt, I realize I can share with you insights on life, family fun, I really do not have too much formality, intoxicated narcissistic, mired in his inner circle unable to extricate themselves.I like the simple idea, simple experience natural feelings tell more friends, and encourage one another, and nothing wrong with it?From the first lasting bonds with it on, my mind took place and wonderful change, the issue of submission no longer be excluded.It was repeatedly blessing, made me deeply understand: if not that, “cast” process, there will never be “landing” of the results.Your life trying ,, most important thing is full of emotions through this process, to harvest growth.With this process, in fact, the result is no longer so important.    During that time, I got over and over again just to encourage and help government brother, he gave me a lot of advice and guidance of writing, he had no leadership shelf for me, just like the teachers care, gracious as big brother next door.He used to say, if I have another hard point, and then stick to some, is still great development space.Although exhausted as I failed to meet his expectations, but this autobiography will never forget.He said that life is perseverance, adhere to will be able to have income.Big Brother then I keep in mind my heart, but also very much agree.But then conceive, busy brooding, obsessed are transferred to the children, plus the body is not very good, I have not put pen to paper every several years.The so-called “riding a boat to fall behind,” I thought I run out of ideas, and sorry “Baling Petrochemical News,” the ray of Love also do.Who knows the fate of the word, really very subtle.”March” Essay Contest participating units in 2006, I was an article in one go was Labor member of any workshop Jianqiang brother appreciation, given a free hand for me to vote for the “Baling Petrochemical News”, and within the first time published.When Jianqiang brother told me the news, I really have mixed feelings, feelings of gratitude and joy in their hearts long waves.Hedeheneng I asked myself, why there are always these lovely well-meaning friends to help me with selfless, not in return, do not ask harvest?A grateful heart trembling, jumping!I finally believe that this world has to pay the alternative truth is different from the kind of love, it’s called Help.I think, to the edge, really is not a dream!Gifts of roses, hand left lingering fragrance.They pursue, that is, after this happy and helping it meet?Later, friends and know each other, to help in the process, I also gain happiness.In this happy, I have more and more friends, we share the joy and grief together, so the joy is doubled sorrow halved our lives more colorful, richer enrich our hearts.Remember the first time you go to the newspaper and receive royalties Joan Xiao, editors teachers enthusiasm and approachable let us flattered, Xiao Yan brother’s cup of tea but I almost forget that he Xingsha results royalties forgot collar, and Joan came out after dawn to laugh a stomach ache.I also remember that overtime does not provide meals in the workshop, distressed my literary friends yellow rain overpaid a sister to me, her eyes smile and tenderness especially moving.And “Baling Petrochemical News,” the fate let me gain so much love of the truth, this is the life of unusual encounters.Edge to, really is not a dream!    Later, at the recommendation of the government just Big Brother, we have a few friends to join the “Cheonggyecheon Literary Society”.Our friendship like clear streams pure and transparent, we hope carefree cruising in the stream, as our “Baling Petrochemical News” Beautiful scenery and added touch of fresh green touch of fragrance to create a poetic life, weaving together the colorful dream together to enjoy happy and carefree mood.    And “Baling Petrochemical News” came together this decade, I gain many of the truth, I also paid a myriad of truth.I hope that, with its fate as Qinglie Paradise streams, flowed end of heaven.The value of life, maybe not that spectacular, it is so steady, looking for sincerity and joy in the simple life in the depths of our hearts find their extraordinary.True meaning of life, sometimes it’s that simple.[Editor: Yi children]

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