Do not cry, I understand your grief (Taiyuan Evening News)

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After the White Dew north, Populus became the protagonist of the autumn, it will be golden leaves, half high Qingqi, half the wind scattered on the ground, is to carefully decorate the autumn poplar magnificent world of fairy tales.    Last year, because of the beautiful scenery Tahe Populus, in my mind there is also the feeling of something more to say.Looking back on this time drove the trail came to the Populus Mori.Speeding along the road wheel to the desolate far behind them, not far from the line of sight gradually can see there is a poplar.Near dusk arrived, the autumn wind blowing so I felt a little cold.I was impatient trot into the poplar, but efflorescence desertification of the land, each foot will depress the wind raised dust, simply look for the beauty in mind, I stop and go shuttling between Populus, I really do not see a lively Populus, even with the blades of Populus, nor is golden yellow, curled leaves a trace of a disease, such as tree trunks also cut body, riddled.Helpless long-term drought, severe water shortages, Yi Keke life extremely Populus in various positions fall down or standing, as if crying.Some Yanmianerqi, sky and some crying, some still lying next to a small Populus, I think it must have been a moral life of children, there are also some hidden Populus love it.I must go and see Populus Wang, its huge body, mottled and hollow, like meditation monk millennium, any time you want to break the fall.While projecting the dendrite entanglement, dry already bear bearer share lingering.Sparse leaves, has also been diffuse not open the once splendid scenery.Populus has “thousand dead, a thousand years back, the Millennium immortal” spirit, but it is also life, as eager Water for Life.And in this harsh environment, you fall, and who can blame How about you?Even if you fall deep roots tie still firmly grasp the land.The body will lie in the long years, their infiltration melted into the desert for the benefit of human energy.    That night, we put up a tent in the Gobi Desert, not far from poplar, waiting for the next day to watch the morning poplar.Does not arrive at night because of the cold, I was suffering from a heavy cold, I am ashamed of Populus near tenacious, but in the distance quietly watch it, it lofty Rays, still quiet, magnificent, still stands in the desert the most beautiful sculpture.    Populus, to be good weather, let your back on its feet millions of descendants, to tell you right past the front.Populus, that you like sparkling diamonds, sometimes rusty, but in my heart, always exudes a bright and gentle light.Populus, you do not cry, I can understand your sorrow!

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