Daqian Spring

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Author [Editor’s note] article in passionate words to express his feelings of spring praise.By author delicate description, and we seem to feel the breath of spring with different season.Spring “it brings warm sun,” it is a season of hope.”Good among all the world to express blossoms in the spring now in the sounds of nature.”.Article clear structure, beautiful language.Celebrity praise poem for spring to introduce the article, and add more articles of charm.    spring is coming.  It brings warm sun, bringing uptrend, bringing river water, brought mountains of indigo, brought the green earth, bringing people a good mood.  Let the bleak winter of barren stretch of land, in the spring of originating Let the earth full of vitality, Four Seasons began in the spring, all things spring Dianmao, new cycle, a new blooming starts with one of the.People look forward to spring, like spring, Tan Chun; people chanting spring, tracing spring, Naochun; that was not enough, formal and solemn days of the spring called “Spring Festival.”This festival, confusion traceable through the ages has been followed long years, now, the Spring Festival has been officially embarked on a civil legal national holiday.  The beginning of spring.  People love Xichun spring, the spring is divided into several equal parts thin taste to enjoy.When spring comes, it took care of the tail of winter, the chill has long been commonplace.Chairman Mao Zedong poem reads: “wind and rain sent spring return, spring snow to” really wet and windy in spring and winter pregnant confession; forward traced, depicting poet Li Bai said: “Han Xuemei is full, go on spring willow “after sickness can be described as brilliant reviews.  Rain came.  ”Good rain knows the season, when spring is” the best poet Du Fu poem is perceived.Yesterday was the graceful snow turned into rain today Dead Poets Society, moisten things silently washed sky, spray all things, and instantly rising land vegetation fragrance.People prefer rain, all rely on rain, this rain of heaven Ganlin Chun been added ‘expensive, such as oil’ crown.  Jingzhe to.  This is the only memorial day round solar terms to be set up in the small creatures.A spring rain awakened the dormant winter worm Taurus, when people still “春眠不觉晓” when the earth’s plant has been in “the spring comes Jizhi”.People were happy, and the earth awake, “Spring February and March, grass and water the same color,” Rivers recovered water, earth covered in green, spring busy season of spring, walked quickly took the stage.  The vernal equinox.  People had a chance to taste the spring handsome, has nearly half the pace of the spring.Hope that the distant mountains, the weeping willow green smoke Look, take a look at the flowers that hang mine, watch wisps of grass, a blossom of spring has spread the earth Man.The sun is warm, the wind is Xu, the gorgeous colors sprinkled on spring field.  The Qingming.  People do not forget to spring the most beautiful views of the offering to the dead relatives, devotion of martyrs.”Tomb Sweeping Festival rain have, pedestrians Deep Sorrow”, nine out of ten Qingming day, God weeping earth Yin Meng, can not forget the grief of relatives and ancestors martyrs sustenance of growth in the spring.At this point Tuyan peach, apricot spit bud at this time, on the outskirts of wilderness full of yo flushed pink clouds.Willow fly at this time, at this time of poplar Piaoxu, the field is full of the taste of spring.  The Guyu.  Beans, melons point before Tomb Sweeping Festival, the solar term symbolizes the rain increased, is the most suitable for sowing of the weather.Plowed land rolled mud waves, people writing the cultivation of Fruitful opening, in the field of small places where cattle can see the figure, look just like mapping a Fiao spring is fixed on the field.Spring is about to end their own pace, and soon, for the arrival of spring, early summer was moved to put a pause.  Spring is that people write different themes, spring is the favorite theme of people, Wen numerous poems in the history of modern texts confusing, Mr. Zhu Ziqing modern essayist, Mr. Ba Jin, a gifted writer writing in the spring, the text has become a cult model.Spring is the Sun sky blessing of reincarnation, in the spring, the earth mother of dressing time, in the spring, all things begin heart sprout in spring and Huaichun season, long heaven and earth, the sun shines bright among all the world to express Ereignis in the spring Teana in.[Editor: May Ran]

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