Five goals defeat Saudi Football Federation Chairman anger internationals criticized 3: bad!

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"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night sports network reported June 16: World Cup opener in 2018, the Asian team 0-5 defeat to Saudi host Russia。This allows a large margin of defeat Saudi Football Association is very dissatisfied with the Football Association chairman criticized the poor performance of three internationals, saying they would be "punished"。Three internationals Saudi Saudi Football Association president is criticized Saudi Football Association President Adel – Izzat said, "We are very disappointed with this defeat。This result is not entirely satisfactory, because it does not reflect our true level。Several players will face penalties, including goalkeeper Mayou Fu, Sala Wei striker, defender Omar – Ho Savi。"It's starting lineup are three players in the World Cup opener, which lost five balls goalkeeper Mayou Fu after the game received only 5.2 points a game the lowest score, Omar – ho Javier loopholes in defense, but the striker was replaced Sala Wei is commonplace in advance。After the Saudi Football Federation president criticized, I believe that the next round of the group stage they are going to sit on the bench。 The Chairman of the Sports Council of Saudi Al – Sheikh is equally critical of the performance of the national team, "let these players because I face the embarrassment and anger black, because they are too weak。We've done for the national team and all the players of this generation, provide the best coach, the highest level of their management team, paid a three-year period, but now we see that they have limited ability。They even expected performance have not reached 5%。"It is worth mentioning that the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed – Ben – Salman also go to the stadium to watch the opening game, but to see their national team five goals defeat, and perhaps this is one reason why Saudi officials who have criticized the national team。Considering the next opponent will be Uruguay, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, two teams of strength even stronger than in Russia, but also Saudi Arabia and perhaps this time to go home early。

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