Mutual donation to stop, how to keep up with safeguards?

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  "To Beijing a week did not fancy the disease have a blood transfusion to go back home," 35-year-old Zhang Nannan with myelodysplastic syndrome, who will occasionally bruising, bleeding gums often, about 15 days need a blood transfusion therapy, intended relatives who lives in Beijing for some time, look for expert medical treatment。 She did not expect, February 6, the Beijing Municipal Health Planning Commission issued "on strengthening the management of blood donation and blood for clinical use of" under the requirements of February 10, Beijing stopped to carry out mutual donation。
She did not watch the news before coming to know。 The results were hospital "reject" the。   She was not willing to go the hospital every day to ask, returned to Beijing Red Cross Blood Center of Public Health and welfare hotline telephone call, the seventh day in the evening, she had to buy a return of high-speed rail tickets。   Mutual donation, refers to the protection of civil clinical emergency blood needs of patients and to guide the country to promote its own elective surgery blood storage, mobilization family, relatives and friends, as well as the unit of social solidarity donation。
There are clearly defined in the mid-1998 promulgated the "Blood Donation Law," where, according to the mode of operation, the patient's blood mutual assistance and mutual assistance designated specifically for transfusion purposes。
Since mid-2009, tensions blood for clinical use, it has become an important mutual donation of blood means。
  But the high rate of mutual donation of blood gave birth to a black market trading。
Unable to define whether the relatives and friends of donors, blood traffickers as a middleman, looking for blood donors, to pay compensation, sold at high prices and then resell those with blood, the key is to ensure safe blood is not, as many of their users are so Zhang Nannan long-term needs blood transfusion "big customer"。
  Mutual donation of blood is safe, patients with high inspection costs, government regulation is difficult。 Therefore, this year, the State Health Planning Commission required all the provinces have to stop mutual donation before the end of March, Nanning, Shanghai, Tianjin, Wuhan and other places has been canceled mutual donation policy, some provinces will be halted at the end of。
  "One size fits all" Cancel urgent need to keep up with countermeasures According to the National Health Planning Commission statistics, China's mutual donation rate in mid-2015% to 2016%。
Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Shandong and other provinces basic undeveloped mutual donation, mutual Hainan, Guangxi, Gansu and other provinces donation rates decline significantly, including Guangxi Nanning gradually reduce mutual donation rate by taking comprehensive measures, in December 2016 has stopped carry out mutual donation。
  However, Shanghai, Beijing and other places of the country received a large number of patients, which is very large demand Yong Xueliang, a high proportion of mutual donation in 2017, the proportion of Beijing solidarity donation of up to 21%。
After the mutual cancellation, meaning that for every five patients have not faced a situation to lose blood, which for some patients Beijing is undoubtedly bad news。   Wu Depei members felt that the current national blood collected for two major issues facing the。 First, the overall low rate of voluntary blood donation, in 2016, China had 14 million people participated in blood donation, blood donation rate%, only one-third of developed countries; the second is the uneven blood supply to the country, highlighting the extent of different supply and demand Some strong hematology, major surgery and more hospitals and regional supply and demand is more obvious, such as the Beijing 2017 mid-platelet treatment gap as high as 20000 amount。
  "Mutual donation of blood for clinical use can make up part of the gap," said Wu Depei members。 In China several large bone marrow transplant centers, mutual donation has been one of the main ways to ease the tension of platelets, such as platelet People's Hospital of Peking University Department of Hematology and mutual assistance rate in patients more than 80%。
  Hu Yu Wu Depei members and members at the proposal that "cancel mutual donation right."。 But the blood supply around the uneven and partial type of problem to be mitigated by the deployment of other means, such as the establishment of inter-regional rapid and effective allocation mechanism, improve the blood donation emergency plan。
  Wu Depei Suzhou, for example, said the Soviet Affiliated Hospital is the second hospital of the country the number of patients with bone marrow transplantation, a huge Yong Xueliang, 2016, the proportion of platelet Soviet mutual aid attached to a hospital was more than 60 percent, dealers blood is rampant, and even become handling the sale of the chain of blood, "the blood of tyrants," Suzhou local public security departments arrested seven year time "blood heads"。
Soviet mutual platelets attached to a hospital 25%。
"Blood heads" after being arrested, Jiangsu Province, Wei Planning Commission meeting to coordinate quickly with blood, to determine the allocation of Danyang, Jingjiang, Jintan and other county-level cities, the platelet surplus area, long-term support Suzhou。 In mid-2017, Soviet attached to a hospital hematology get nearly 6,000 servings platelet deployment support, to a large extent eased the shortage of platelets。
  Deal with "blood shortage" need long-term mechanism, "the deployment of emergency only, but the need for blood is a long-term thing," said Hu Yu committee。
Platelets stored in a special bag and continue to oscillate within 22 ± 2 ℃, can be stored for 5 days; fresh frozen plasma can be stored at minus 20 ℃ 1 year or less。 Therefore, blood collection in a planned manner, mining in use up too much shelf life, wasteful。
Too little mining can not meet the needs of clinical treatment and first aid。
  Wu Depei members suggested to increase voluntary blood donation propaganda in many ways。
"For example, it is important to promote platelet donation harmless," said committee member Wu Depei。 Since the need to separate out platelet donation with a platelet separator first, then to the remaining components to the donor, usually takes about an hour and a half, full blood donation, it is only a few minutes for some of the time-saving donors consider offering easier to select whole blood, platelet apheresis volume has been less than satisfactory。 However, the effect on blood donors donated blood components smaller, faster recovery。
Beijing Blood Center data show that offer whole blood donation by two interval need more than six months, if the offer platelets, just two weeks interval。
  Hu Yu committee believes that, should grow blood donation volunteer team。 First enrich fixed blood donors, donated platelets to or greater than 2 times the cumulative volume of full blood donation 3000 ml volunteers Get additional medical card。
Second is to increase efforts to promote voluntary blood donation organizations, according to staff at all levels to base health personnel blood donation age is defined as the ratio of not less than 10% and 20%, while the internal group set up a special department and personnel management。 The third is to increase the fixed, mobile blood collection point and vehicle construction and configuration settings blood collection point at a large medical institutions with blood。   In addition, Wu Depei was also suggested to establish a national network of voluntary blood donation。
Blood donation volunteers build a network registration is very urgent, the network platform into domestic all qualified blood collection point, coding blood donors a unique identification code, eliminating the population movements across the country caused by the loss of volunteers, and is adjustable by a unique identification code All information about blood donation people, anywhere in the country can make blood donors and their spouses, blood relatives directly, while for blood donors has clearly failed, eliminating the repeated blood sampling, testing and other waste of resources。
Reporter Liu Xu。

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