Summer eat melon melon with you through these summer

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Summer eat melon, summer is the hot season, I believe many of my friends in the summer no appetite, like to eat some clearing away heat food, then eat what summer melon and small series together to see what the summer to eat melon introduce it!Summer eat melon refreshing first melon: melon although surname winter, but summer is a rare cuisine, Qushu, dampness, diuretic effect, the first is definitely refreshing melon。 Summer day children hot, angry is the most annoying, dry stool guitar, as well as eating too much fresh powder down, this time to come in great handy melon。 Melon cold, over ninety percent of all the water, pathogenic fire efficacy did not have to say。 But we used to do when the melon melon skin will be to throw。
Melon skin although bad taste, but the therapeutic efficacy comparable flesh strong, summer can be washed clean soup。 Small melon with a large melon is not the same, its small size, there are even layer of hairs, used to make melon balls boil well, all ages。 The first melon: the principle of loofah Summer whitening is less wipe eat。 By way of eating to pay to promote their metabolism is healthy and cost-effective, loofah is preferred。 Summer eat melon summer do loofah soup, very popular in the South。 One bowl at home, both hot weather and whitening。 Of course, you can eat fried, the taste is very slippery, and loofah easily cooked, but with wok fried time, tend to darken the loofah。 Chen Yanli said that if the speculation would not have time to add a little darkened。 Gourd of water is known as "white water", which is a grain of truth。 Which is rich in vitamins B1 and C, the former prevent skin aging, which has whitening effect, but tend to darken their own gourd of water, or cook food, both to satisfy the appetite, but also play a whitening effect class。
In addition, there is the role of loofah detoxification laxative, eat loofah, skin can be a bad thing。

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