Exposure to introduce ourselves to return to Barcelona Neymar lattice substitute Did he actually?

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"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night sports network reported June 16: Last summer, Neymar 2.2.2 billion euros worth joining Barcelona, bonus issue and renew him because so much noise very unhappy with Barcelona after leaving the team。But now, between Neymar and Barcelona but came the sex scandal。"Marca" exclusive Secret said Neymar even introduce ourselves Barcelona!A few days ago, a very close relationship with Neymar who came to Barcelona in the base。The purpose of this trip who is exploring the possibility of return of Neymar to Barcelona。Barcelona has lost the number one target Gerry Postman, Neymar may think now that they have returned to the Camp Nou。 Neymar not happy in Paris, this is no longer a secret。Paris fans booed their own so that Neymar was injured, Neymar also did not like living in France, the son Luca has been living in Barcelona。Neymar back to Barcelona?"Marca" that the possibility of Barcelona cut Real Madrid's Hu did not rule out。Neymar is the most Florentino wanted to introduce objects, please return to Barcelona if Neymar, then it will give Real Madrid a punch in the transfer war。Indeed Neymar and Barcelona had a falling out over the top, but the adult world and no permanent enemies, only permanent interests。But even if Barcelona want Neymar, the operation is also very difficult to move large。Paris spent 2 Neymar.2.2 billion euros, Barca could not dig so much money to complete the move, after all, Dembele and Kudiniao two worth over 300 million euros on。And Paris absolutely does not want to sell Neymar, which makes Barcelona an absolutely passive position in the transfer war。

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