Feng Shui health, what are the taboos of house feng shui?

1, the front has no long-term prospects, and the future can be expected.

If the front is blocked, it is easy to absorb the defeat, sometimes occasionally there are exceptions, the return of the wind back, the gas turned to the prosperous, but because too much, if it continues, it is still not good.

2, the sun shines If the light inside the house is sufficient, then the master’s enthusiasm will be sufficient.

On the contrary, if the house is overly suffocating, then the house will have a backfire and decline, and things will not go smoothly.

3, Mingtang beautiful and broad Mingtang size, seriously affecting the size of the gas bureau to swallow, if Mingtang is too shallow or close to force, then it will be a quick success, lack of foresight, easy to quickly defeat.

4, layout, moving lines should be suitable for indoor layout and moving lines to meet the principle of Feng Shui layout, usually the general residence of the house, the first to see the living room, not to see the toilet, kitchen, or see the master bedroom, otherwise it is not a fortuneIt is the couple’s bad feelings.

5, avoid the living room and doorway of the Zhuhai to avoid the opening of the sky, roads, sharp corners, telephone poles, altars, churches, etc., so as to ensure that the house transportation is smooth, not to cause accidental disaster.

6, yin and yang have the so-called “light hall dark room”, that is to say that the living room is large and spacious, and the sun will come in, the master can open the heart, the future is bright.

On the contrary, the master bedroom should not be too bright, too exposed, so as not to damage the privacy of the private and private.

7, the shape of the square is the most basic choice of housing, that is, the shape of the house must be square, so before you buy a house to see if the floor plan is square, remember not to buy the irregular, there is a type of water chestnut.

There are certain feng shui taboos in the house. Don’t door the door to the door is not good in the house feng shui, the representative will be in dispute.

So try not to buy such a house. If you have already purchased it, then the solution is to add a curtain or screen between the door and the door.

2, do not separate corners 煞 corner is a layout in the wind and water, the consciousness is that the indoor surface and the face intersect to present sharp angles, these corners will produce suffocating gas, which has certain harm to people’s fortune and physical health.

3, the astronomical address of the house astronomical location can not be in the hospital, cemetery, crematorium, government agencies, etc., the first three are more yin, which is royal, will be affected by the imperial feng shui.

4, do not present the pattern of wearing the heart, the so-called heart-shaped pattern is the toilet, the kitchen, the balcony are relatively comfortable.

This kind of pattern will make couples feel disharmonious in the wind and water, and the solution is to add curtains or screens.

5, the beam to deal with the beam is the center of the home to produce helium, so there should be no sofa or bed under the beam.

6, decoration color has to pay attention to decoration and decoration is best to live with the family’s five elements of color, to stop the phase.

Otherwise, there will be some damage to the body and the body.