[How to make milk-flavored multi-grain cake]_Home-made methods of milk-flavored multi-grain cake_How to make milk-flavored multi-grain cake_How to make milk-flavored multi-grain cake

The high work pressure is a problem that many people need to face now. The whole person is basically very tired after a day. It is not realistic to spend a lot of time to prepare a hearty dinner. At this time, you can consider some simple dishes.However, the practice of some milk-flavored miscellaneous cereal cakes is simple, which can meet health needs without spending too much time.

1. Prepare all the ingredients 2. Prepare a large bowl, beat the eggs, add an appropriate amount of sugar, stir well 3, stir in various flours 4, add baking powder, milk, stir clockwise, milk a littleAdd 5 and stir until it is fine and non-granular.

6, brush the pan with a thin layer of oil. After the pan is hot, use a spoon to scoop a spoonful of batter into the pot, heat on low heat 7, the surface will be honeycomb, the batter will solidify, turn over 8, and burn a few times after turning over.In 9 seconds, pan 9 can be prepared, all cakes 10 can be cooked, and a finished photo of milk-flavored multi-grain cakes should be prepared during the cooking process. Don’t add too much salt after soy sauce, otherwise it willAffect the taste.