A year-round exercise program tailored for the “lazy”

Although you have an ambitious desire to sweep away the innocence of previous years, forcing yourself to start high-intensity exercise immediately is not a good way.
The American best-seller “The Lazy Man’s Bible” has specially designed an exercise program for “lazy people” who are willing and have no time and willpower.Full of life and fun.
  January: Laying the foundation: This month is to start with the foundation.
If you are eager to succeed and cause injury, it will leave you unmotivated in the next few months and affect the sports passion that you can hardly develop.
You should gradually adapt your body to the rhythm of your exercise to improve balance and body posture.
Basic daily sports can be incorporated into daily life, so that even if the pace of life is accelerated and exercise time cannot be guaranteed, you have already accumulated enough physical strength as a basis.
  Exercise requirements: 4 times a week for physical flexibility, balance, physical exercise; 3 aerobic exercises lasting at least 15 minutes; walking at least 4,000 steps a day.
  February: Muscle training: Increasing muscle training can speed up metabolism.
This will help you shape your body and strengthen it as you exercise more.
By the end of this month, you will burn more calories per minute, even without exercise.
  Exercise requirements: Start resistance exercise.
Do this exercise against a box or wall at least twice a week.
Plus exercise of the abdominal muscles to enhance the body’s strength and balance.
  March: Resist Boredom: Now that you have been exercising for 8 weeks, your motivation and enthusiasm may gradually fade.
List all the reasons you want to improve your health and fitness. This will regain your passion for exercise.
  Exercise requirements: You can participate in several fun sports competitions in a month, which will make you feel the fun of sports more.
Introduce recreational sports (such as boating, outings, etc.) into your daily exercise, enjoy sports with friends, and follow the exercise plan.
  April: Walking 7000 steps a day: Now that you have laid a solid foundation, with the standard posture and the most basic adaptability, you should go further on this basis.
  Exercise requirements: Increase daily walking to 7000 steps and start outdoor aerobic exercise.
If you have been jogging, increase your stride to increase the intensity of your exercise.
After aerobic exercise, practicing yoga can relax your muscles and improve your posture during walking or running.
  May: Strengthen aerobic exercise: Seeing that summer is coming, it’s time to prepare a good figure for those intimate clothes!
You should now increase the intensity of your aerobic exercise to shape your body while maintaining healthy fat levels.
  Exercise requirements: increase the number of steps per day to 7000-10000.
Add interval strength training to your cardio program.
If you are preparing for the summer games, it is also necessary to start speed training now.
A short body massage before exercise can stimulate blood circulation and increase the elasticity of skin tissue.
  June: abdominal exercises to shape the body: build a beautiful body and build self-confidence in the body.
Look in the mirror to see if there are any nasty “bye-bye meat” under your arms, and if there is a protruding belly on your waist, then focus on attacking and break through one by one.
  Exercise requirements: Perform abdominal training at least 4 times a week. This is the easiest place to accumulate fat. Be sure to play a “defense battle”.
If you want to go out for a holiday this month, don’t forget that when you lie on the soft beach and enjoy the breeze and sunshine, you can also do beach fitness exercises, and you will quickly receive a good shape.
  July: Exercise in water works better: People who have perseverance also get tired and tired. Give yourself a break and start again.
You should use your time more flexibly and creatively this month.
You can spend less time doing programmed exercises in the gym. Instead, do more fun outdoor exercises, and it is best to get the whole family active.
  Exercise requirements: Walk at least 10,000 steps a day to start water exercise.
Plan more outdoor activities-such as picnics in the park or beach picnics.
  August: Try extreme sports: Step out of the regular exercise circle and feel different in different places.
  Exercise requirements: Mix everything up this month-if you usually use running as your main exercise method, try running in the water this month; if you used to exercise outdoors, try indoor exercise; if you only do routineExercise, then you can try some challenging items, such as exciting rock climbing.  September: Consolidation of fitness results: 8 months have passed, which is 2/3 of the year. The focus of this month is to increase the amount of daily exercise and consolidate the fitness effect of the previous period.

  Exercise requirements: Record your daily exercise amount every day.

In the fall, you may spend time indoors alternately.

Therefore, arrange outdoor sports every day, or go out at least three times a day.

  October: Test the effect of exercise: After 9 months of struggle, you will test your exercise results this month.

You can arrange a race at the end of this month to test your own training results.

The first two weeks of the “Contest” lighten your training and increase flexibility to prepare your muscles.

  Exercise requirements: Add yoga exercises to your long-term exercise program at least 3 times a week.

Perform stability exercises to ensure muscle balance.

There will be too many marathons this month. Maybe try to participate. You need to practise in advance how to add water during the running.

  November: “Cultivate yourself,” relax your body: The task this month is to relax yourself.

You have achieved the effect of exercise, and your body needs rest.

Pay attention to the physiological recovery, and do some basic training of balance ability at the same time.

  Exercise requirements: Participate in some “self-cultivation” activities, such as Tai Chi or yoga, to make your body fully relaxed.

Of course, while relaxing, don’t ignore the minimum walking requirements required daily.

  December: Reasonably arrange exercise time: This month’s festival continues, and people are very excited.

You have to be ready to buy gifts for your family, give gifts to your customers, book a New Year’s travel plan, and have a full schedule.

But make sure you have time to exercise in the long run.

  Exercise requirements: Try “close your eyes and calm your mind” exercises and meditation to relax your expected sleep.

This approach is immediate.

On weekends, you can walk out of your home and choose outdoor winter activities with your family to enjoy an active and happy weekend.