How to squeeze acne safely


Anxious must learn!
How to squeeze acne safely

Many MMs can’t stand being armed with a little flaw. When the nasty acne comes out, squeeze?

Still not crowded?

Impatient answer

Aiming at this kind of people, Xiao Bian will teach you a little secret to squeeze acne safely today!

  5 safe prescriptions for squeezing acne 1. Wash your hands before squeezing acne. It is best to use an exfoliating mask to make the stratum corneum softer. Acne is easier to squeeze out. If you have acne, goRemember not to rub it while exfoliating.

For acne-preparing hands, it is best to wipe it again with lotion.

After washing your face, do not wipe anything that you want to squeeze acne, especially do not use astringent lotion, which will shrink the pores and make it harder to squeeze out acne.

Because of the youth stick to be used, you must first disinfect it with sprinkler or lotion.

  When the acne stick squeezes acne, the contact area is small, which will not affect or hurt the normal skin next to the acne.

But when you first use it, it may not be easy, and if some people use youth sticks, if they forget to clean, the pimples that are squeezed out will stay on the pus and then spread to the next acne, which is a bit like an infectious disease.

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  2. Wipe the soft horny lotion first. Squeezing acne is easier to deal with the stubborn acne. If you wipe the soft horny lotion first, you will find that it is especially easy to squeeze, just like removing the acne mask.The same goes for horny beauty fluids.

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Visibly purifies skin, improves skin texture, transforms into bright and fresh skin, and prepares for the next whitening procedure.

  3, aim at squeezing acne, first cover the fingers with tissue paper, but the tissue paper exposed in the air is still in danger of contamination. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose the second sheet below when removing the tissue paper.

If you want to squeeze with a youth stick, remember to squeeze the acne with the smaller hole, which looks like a wire wound in a circle, and squeeze the acne with the side of the cave, which looks deep and round.When you go in, just squeeze the acne opening in the middle of the circle and step down, or slowly move it until the hole hits the edge of the wire.

If you can’t squeeze it all at once, the migration direction may be different, you can try to change direction.

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So it feels comfortable, the craft is fine, and it is not easy to bend.

Mirror light stainless steel long needles can effectively antibacterial and facilitate the repair of small acne on the face. It is a beauty product for modern people.

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  4. When too many beautiful people squeeze acne, you ca n’t pull up all acne. In fact, after pulling out acne, you will find that many acne are not uprooted by the quilt. At this time, as long as you take out the clip of the eyebrow and use the corners,Clip out the acne that ran out for a short period, and the acne will really be clean.

However, if you find that acne and acne are squeezed, and you can’t squeeze them out easily, I suggest you don’t use too much force, too “violent”, you should take medicine obediently!

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Particularly suitable for skin with acne and excessive oil secretion.

Suitable skin type: Suitable for normal, oily and flawed skin.

  5, after squeezing acne, in order to avoid inflammation, you can use physiological saline to clean the wound, or apply anti-inflammatory lotion and pearl powder on it. This will not only reduce the symptoms of inflammation, but also reduce the redness after swelling.

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