Frown without opening eyes is evaluated as not too smart

Do you know

Recently, psychologists at St Andrews University in Scotland found that sleeping early and overlapping sleep can make people look smarter, which may be related to their eyelid and eyebrow angles.

  The researchers selected 190 children and adults. They took aligned photos of those who slept early, woke up early, and stayed up all night, and measured the angles of the eyelids and eyebrows of the people in these photos.

Then more than 200 participants evaluated the attractiveness and intelligence of these faces.

The results show that when the same person opens their eyes and frowns because of lack of sleep, they are often evaluated as less intelligent and less attractive.

  Researchers believe that people usually infer that squeezing eyelids and frowns is a distortion of physical fatigue and low mood, which looks unspirited and temporarily dull.

Therefore, to make a smart impression, remember to go to bed early and get up early.

  Wish everyone to go to bed early and get up early and have a good body!